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Saturday Share #82

It’s been a busy week. Not one with a lot on, just one of those weeks which seems to have gone by really quickly and where you feel like you haven’t really done anything. Fortunately my book reviews were scheduled ahead of time but I kept falling asleep when Jenson did and didn’t post a Friday Favourites this week. Note to self: don’t lie down on the bed with a sleepy toddler; you’ll wake up two hours later with zero energy. But I’ve kept on top of my Bloglovin feed! Here are my fave reads this week.

saturday share_blue

If you’re a travel, food or fitness blogger, Tink has written a post full of must-use hashtags.

I wanna go to Paris so bad! I love Hannah’s tips on how to spend 24 hours there.

When you have a child, as much as you love them and they’re the centre of your world, sometimes you can’t help but focus on the things you miss out on. I love Sophie’s backwards bucket list and I’ll definitely be focusing on my achievements from now on.

Like Jemma, I hope mindfulness isn’t just a trend. I want it to be something I learn to build into my life more, particularly when it comes to self-care and learning to take a break. If only there were a few more hours in the day.

I love having a nose in other people’s planners. Check out Rebecca’s.

Now that’s what I call a chocolate cake!!!

Remember what I said last week about wanting to read more non-fiction? Charlotte has shared the ultimate list of must-read books for bloggers.

My favourite post this week is from Lorna and is about the loss of the relatable blogger. As an avid reader of blogs, I favour the ones I can relate to rather than something aspirational and I like to think that’s something I provide my readers with too.

What has been your favourite read this week?

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