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Jenson: 20 months old

In a few short months Jenson will be two years old. We’re almost at the point in the year when all of the little ‘uns have their birthdays, as they were all born within a few months of each other. It’s crazy to think that those tiny babies are now walking and talking little people.

jenson reading

I love that he has his own little personality already. He’s such a bookworm and it melts my heart every time he grabs a book and climbs into my lap with it. And he’s so good at recognising animals in his picture books and making the appropriate noise. He can do dog, cat, dinosaur, lion, elephant, fish, horse and duck. He knows the names of a lot of his toys too, including Dory and Wilbur (the penguin from the British Gas ad), and calls them by name. His Marshall (Paw Patrol) toy says “go go go” which he loves to repeat, especially when it comes on TV. He especially loves climbing up the stairs and having me chase him saying “go go go”. He ends up in hysterics.

One thing he doesn’t love is peas! Even with a mouthful of different types of food he can single out the peas (and pieces of sweetcorn) and puts them on the highchair tray. He used his toy dinosaur to squish them the other day.

jenson doesnt like peas

Swimming lessons are finally starting back up this week after nearly two months off and I can’t wait to get back in the water with him. I just hope the long break hasn’t put him off. If nothing else he’ll love seeing his friends again.

He’s a bleddy good dancer too. He’s such a musical child. He’s forever dancing to songs on TV and when we put music videos on YouTube. Ed Sheeran is still a favourite when he’s upset. He woke up on Saturday night and screamed for nearly an hour straight (night terrors). It was only when we put Castle on the Hill on that he instantly stopped, smiled and started nodding his head to the music. After a minute he remembered he was upset but it was a nice reprieve. He hadn’t had an episode like that for a while and it took a long time to settle him. He’d had a cold for a week which didn’t help and ended up watching cartoons on the tablet in our bed til 1.30am.

We still co-sleeping often, which a lot of people seem to have strong opinions about. They say that it’s a bad habit to get into and it’s a vicious cycle and blah blah blah but last night he managed to stay in his own bed until 6am, so it’s not like it’s every night. We’ve just learned that it’s easier for everyone to get some sleep if he just comes in with us when he wakes up upset. It makes him sleep in until 8-9am, so that’s got to be a good thing, right?!

jenson raccoon hat

One problem we’re dealing with is that he doesn’t nap every day and when he’s tired he lashes out. We can be playing on the sofa together or trying to settle down to go to sleep and he’ll suddenly hit me in the face. We always tell him no but he normally repeats it a couple of times before we sit him down on the floor on his own as punishment. He can’t communicate sorry yet but when he knows he’s done something wrong he often comes to me for a cuddle. I think that’s his way of apologising. We just need to find a way for the hitting to stop.

If you’ve got any tips for dealing with night terrors or punishing a child who hits without hitting back, do let me know.

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