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Jenson: 21 months old

21 months! After going to our first second birthday party recently it’s becoming all too clear that we’ll be planning our own second birthday party soon. Eek!

jenson 21 months

As Jenson gets closer to that milestone I’m becoming more aware that he’s not a baby anymore – and hasn’t been for some time. His vocabulary is growing every day, he understands a lot more, even if he can’t communicate it, and he’s a lot more capable. We go for short walks without the buggy and it’s difficult to fathom that this tiny baby who was pulled from my body not that long ago is now walking and talking all by himself.

My favourite thing about my favourite person is how damn affectionate it is. Co-sleeping can get tiresome but when he wakes me up with kisses it’s hard to begrudge a few kicks and slaps in his sleep. And when you ask for cuddles he’ll stop what he’s doing, run up to you with a big smile on his face and give you a hug. Then run away again… He’s even affectionate with his toys, giving them kisses and cuddles. Look at the little cutie giving Dory some water!

jenson feeding dory

My mum’s favourite thing is when he says bye. He says ‘bu-bye’ in the cutest little voice and gives you a smile and wave, even if you’re just leaving the room for a minute. Or if he thinks it’s time for you to go! He’s started saying it when we’re leaving shops now too which is the cutest.

We didn’t swim for a couple of months over Christmas because the pool was being refurbished and it took him a while to settle again. It was frustrating because he loved it so much at the end of last year but we had tears in the first three sessions back. Fortunately last time he was back to loving it again but we missed last week because of our colds. Hopefully that hasn’t set him back again.

Nap time. Ah, nap time. Too late and it means he goes to bed late but if he avoids it, he goes to bed at a reasonable hour, but he’s a big ol’ whingebag around tea-time. Every day is a surprise which way it’s going to go – he’s been known to be awake 12+ hours even if he’s been swimming or to a play group. Watching his uncle play rugby seems to help though!

jenson watching rugby

In my attempt to grow his confidence with other people before trying nursery again, I took Jenson to a gymnastics group the other day. I thought, if he enjoyed it, it could be a fun way to tire him out on a Friday morning and get him used to hanging out with other kids. It’s basically a stay and play soft play with gymnastics equipment. £3.50/hour is a bit steep considering there’s no-one there to ‘teach’ him but he seemed to enjoy it – even though he was hit/pushed three times(!). I know I’m soft on Jenson but I think it’s so uncool for a kid to push or hit another one, especially unprovoked. Even more so for the parent to not apologise or to tell their child to.

I’m trying to encourage Jenson to share with others and play in a group but that’s so hard when other kids are dicks. Yep, I said it. The friends he’s grown up with, the ones his age whose parents I’ve met through antenatal classes or swimming lessons, etc, have always been bleddy lovely and they’ve never fought amongst themselves. It’s only when we venture to soft play or other play groups that a bigger child or two always thinks it’s ok to be downright mean. I don’t want Jenson to be a pushover and I also don’t want him to think this is acceptable behaviour and start doing it himself. He’s so sweet when it happens. If he isn’t hurt he just kind of looks surprised and moves on to something else, letting the bigger kid either get away with hitting him or take the toy he was previously playing with. It’s so hard!

If you’ve got any tips on dealing with asshole kids and their parents, besides getting violent yourself (believe me, it crossed my mind more than once!), do let me know!

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