Saturday Share #96

I skipped the usual Saturday Share last week because I was swimming in stationery, so I’ve got some extra beauties to share this week. With a focus on politics on mental health, there’s a lot of inspiring reads.

saturday share

A Beautiful Chaos is one of my favourite mental health blogs and Nicole is blogging about mental health every day this month for awareness. Some especially cracking posts are the ones on the need for mental health education in schools, mental health books, the benefits of stationery and Thirteen Reasons Why (which I’m yet to see).

I really wanted to get our balcony sorted before the summer and this makeover post on Paper & Stitch is such #goals! The issue is Cornish weather so we need something compact and relatively fuss-free so we can bring it in easily. I’m thinking a small table with two chairs, a rug, some fairy lights and a couple of plant posts.

This week’s wanderlust list includes Kathmandu, Barcelona and Notting Hill. I love that blogging opens my eyes to places I’d never think of visiting before.

I’ve been bookmarking so many podcasts to check out. Anastasia and Hello Giggles have some great recommendations.

You can’t scroll through your social media feeds or switch on the TV without some mention of the General Election. #bloggerswhovote is bleddy awesome and I’ve loved Lisette’s, Emmie’s and Gwennan’s posts. Go give ’em a read.

Speaking of social media, this whole Instagram thing has turned into such a palava! I found Katie’s and Tarnya’s posts quite refreshing.

I’m one of Gwennan’s advertisers this month and she said such lovely things about my blog. The girl is such a gem <3

Have you read anything inspiring this week?

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