Personalised gratitude notebook from Martha Brook - review and giveaway

12 Days of Christmas giveaways #3: Mindful Notebook from Martha Brook

I was sent a notebook for review purposes and all thoughts are my own If you're looking for beautiful stationery gifts this Christmas, Martha Brook has got you covered, with everything from diaries and gift sets, to baubles and crackers packed with stationery. You might remember the launch of the gorgeous mindful notebook collection just… Continue reading 12 Days of Christmas giveaways #3: Mindful Notebook from Martha Brook

Six months of daily journaling - Dingbats Earth Journal. Bullet journal review
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Six months of daily journaling

Way back when I was using my first couple of bullet journals, I liked to set up my spreads in advance. This year I've learned that it's so much more beneficial to set them up as you go. The idea of winging it may sound terrifying to some but I've really liked having something so… Continue reading Six months of daily journaling

March 2018 gratitude
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March gratitude (Self-Care Sunday #49)

And just like that, the first quarter of the year is done. The fuck? I have to admit, I didn't love my Happy Journal as much this month. There's a different theme for each month and the theme for March was choice and choosing to be happy. A lot of the prompts were also about… Continue reading March gratitude (Self-Care Sunday #49)

Happy Journal February 2018
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February gratitude (Self-Care Sunday #46)

For this week's Self-Care Sunday post I'm taking a look back through my Happy Journal. I thought about just sharing my monthly gratitude entry but then I thought I'd continue my review series with a look at a few other entries. February's prompts focused very much on relationships and self-love, something which I found didn't… Continue reading February gratitude (Self-Care Sunday #46)

January 2018 gratitude (Happy Journal)
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January gratitude (Self-Care Sunday #43)

It's so easy, when you've got a packed schedule or when you're having a stressful week at work, to focus on the negatives. This week I've been focusing on the mum guilt because it took Jenson being sent home from nursery twice for me to take him to the doctors and find out that he… Continue reading January gratitude (Self-Care Sunday #43)

2018 toolkit
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Everything you need to kick ass in 2018 (Self-Care Sunday #39)

Have you set resolutions or goals for the new year? Chances are most, if not all, of you have. But have you thought about what you need to help you achieve your goals? Whether you're looking to be more productive, work on your self-confidence, make a big career move or simply learn to take better… Continue reading Everything you need to kick ass in 2018 (Self-Care Sunday #39)

rainbow soul surprise subscription box review
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Self-Care Sunday #30 [Rainbow Soul Surprise review]

You know what makes a subscription box really stand out? When you're excited at every stage of the unboxing process. And Rainbow Soul Surprise* does not disappoint. From the exterior of the box, to the tissue paper, to the items inside, I just kept unwrapping more awesomeness! Yes, those are actual drawers! And there's stuff… Continue reading Self-Care Sunday #30 [Rainbow Soul Surprise review]

good vibes only
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Self-Care Sunday #19

This week's post may seem like a bit of a cop out as I've not had any time for self-care this week but stick with me here. My latest self-care tip is to have a good moan. Seriously, don't bottle it all up. It wasn't until 8.30pm on Friday that I finally had some time… Continue reading Self-Care Sunday #19

gratitiude journal from Department Store for the Mind
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National Stationery Week 2017: Thank You Thursday [Department Store for the Mind review and giveaway]

I hope that this week's National Stationery Week posts introduce you to at least one new brand and that you discover plenty of gorgeous goodies to adorn your office with. And perhaps some will help you with more than providing a nice new pen or notebook. I first heard about Department Store for the Mind… Continue reading National Stationery Week 2017: Thank You Thursday [Department Store for the Mind review and giveaway]