A notebook and pen swap with The Crafty Lass and Paper Trail Diary

A few weeks ago I saw that Jessica was organising a notebook and pen swap and I had to sign up. I loved the recent stationery swap I took part in and wanted to take part in more.

I was partnered with Heather from The Crafty Lass and had so much fun picking out pieces I hoped she’d love. Part of the sign-up included stating your preferences for pens and notebooks, which definitely helps with the buying process. Fortunately for the notebook element she said she’d like to be surprised with something that I think is lovely, so I went with this bright and fun A4 notebook from Sainsburys. They’re killing it at the moment with their stationery supplies and this ‘make things happen’ slogan notebook is perfect. It has brightly coloured ribbons to split your projects too, like a more beautiful project book. I also went with a pack of coloured Zebra pens, sticking with the super-colourful theme and also because they’re currently my favourite pens to write with. Or rather they were until I saw what Heather sent me! To read what she thought of her products, check out her blog.

notebook and pen swap

When I signed up I said that I love A5 hardback notebooks with plain pages and a good slogan/quote. Heather very thoughtfully picked out a sturdy notebook with lovely thick paper and then customised it with a print from the fab That Lame Company. What a sweetie!

notebook and pen swap

notebook and pen swap

Speaking of sweetie, she also sent some tasty treats. The Wispa hot chocolate will go down a treat with this pesky cold I’ve got at the moment. And did you notice that cute packaging/wrapping? Such lovely post to open.

The pens (Pilot G-2 07 in pink and purple) quickly became my new favourites to write with. You know that rare feeling you get when you write with a new pen for the first time and it just feels so damn good? And the pink and purple inks are gorgeous too. I can see why she has bought them in every available colour for herself!

I really can’t recommend signing up for stationery swaps enough. I’ve just signed up to Jocelyn’s latest stationery swap and have just finished putting together my parcel. I also recently took part in a book swap and when I receive my package I’ll share that here too. I love fun post!

3 thoughts on “A notebook and pen swap with The Crafty Lass and Paper Trail Diary”

  1. I’m so glad you liked your goodies, I loved what you sent me.

    I do rather enjoy a good papery swap myself 😏
    I’m doing the #bringbackpaper Stationery swap too, was the book swap you mentioned Jocelyn’s July one? I did that as well!!

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