Stationery Swap June 2018

Stationery Swap [June 2018]

I've taken part in a few of Jocelyn's stationery swaps now and I'm never disappointed (take a look back at my August, and February swaps). It's hard sending a package when you don't know anything about the other person, so I try to mix it up a bit whilst also keeping it quite general. I… Continue reading Stationery Swap [June 2018]

Stationery swap February 2018

Stationery swap [February 2018]

I just can't help myself when it comes to Jocelyn's #BringBackPaper activities. Just there mere mention of the words 'stationery swap' or 'book swap' and I'm there! So, of course, I signed up for last month's stationery swap. I was partnered with Kathryn from Bookworm and Theatre Mouse and sent her the following: a magnetic… Continue reading Stationery swap [February 2018]

stationery swap November 2017

November stationery swap

Yep, I did another stationery swap. What can I say? Jocelyn is great at organising these things - and you can never have too much stationery. I was paired with Rebecca and she sent me an awesome package of goodies. My favourites are obviously unicorn-related. Such a cute postcard and colouring card. I always need… Continue reading November stationery swap

saturday share

Saturday Share #118

Must-read blog posts this week include tips on working with brands, improving your design skills and prepping for another stationery swap. Some bloggers worry that they'll lose their audience when they start blogging about their pregnancy but the opposite is true for me as a reader, as I've totally fallen for Forever Amber over the… Continue reading Saturday Share #118

stationery swap the reading residence august 2017

Stationery Swap with The Reading Residence (August 2017)

Yes, I did another stationery swap. And it was bleddy awesome! I seriously can't recommend taking part in these enough - who doesn't love getting surprise stationery in the post?! This swap was hosted by Jocelyn from The Reading Residence. I was paired with Sally and, knowing nothing about her and her stationery preferences, I… Continue reading Stationery Swap with The Reading Residence (August 2017)

notebook and pen swap

A notebook and pen swap with The Crafty Lass and Paper Trail Diary

A few weeks ago I saw that Jessica was organising a notebook and pen swap and I had to sign up. I loved the recent stationery swap I took part in and wanted to take part in more. I was partnered with Heather from The Crafty Lass and had so much fun picking out pieces… Continue reading A notebook and pen swap with The Crafty Lass and Paper Trail Diary

stationery swap

New stationery <3

I've received so much epic stationery in the last couple of weeks that I just had to share some pics on the blog. Expect to see these beauties popping up on Instagram a lot too! Twitter is a wonderful thing. A few weeks ago I spotted Jocelyn's call for participants in her stationery swap and… Continue reading New stationery <3