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A Tu Clothing wish list – 25% off!

You know you’re a grown up when you get excited about 25% off clothing weeks at Sainsburys! It’s especially well timed for the back to school shop. You’d think we don’t have to worry about that for a couple of years but because Jenson is starting nursery in a few weeks I want to make sure he has a puddle suit, wellies and a spare sun hat to leave there so here’s always got it. He’ll also need a new backpack and travel cup and I want to finish his 2-3 years wardrobe. He’s still wearing 18-24 months trousers so I’m buying ahead there but he’s going to need long-sleeved t-shirts as it gets cooler. I’m also on the lookout for places that do bodysuits in two years plus as he’s not potty training yet and they keep nappies snug – but they’re impossible to find in stores! Here’s a look at what I’ll be keeping an eye out for (plus a few sneaky things for myself). Kids’ prices are for age 2-3 years/size 6.

a tu clothing wish list

2 Pack Joggers, £8.25 | Fun Top and Joggers Set, £7.50
Dinosaur Puffa Jacket
, £13.50 | Long Sleeve Dino Tees 4 Pack, £8.25
Light Wash Jeans, £5.25 | Dinosaur Cardigan, £9.75
Long Sleeved Dino Tees 3 Pack, £7.50 | Dino Welly, £6.75
Super Long Sleeve Tee, £3.00 | Blue PJ Set, £9.75 | Race Car Print Tee, £3.37 Make Some Noise Long Sleeve Top, £3.00 | Puddlesuit, £7.50
Hats 2 Pack, £4.87 | Socks 7 Pack, £5.25

a tu clothing wish list

Embroidered Skinny Jeans, £15.00 | Lime Jumper, £15.00 Balloon PJ Set, £9.00 | Check and Lace PJ Set, £10.50 Cream Crochet Strap Broderie Vest, £9.00 | Black Crochet Strap Broderie Vest, £9.00 | Purple Lace Sleeve Top, £15.00 Floral Peplum Top, £10.50 | Bird Peplum Top, £10.50
White Scalloped Top, £10.50 | Floral Tunic, £12.00 | Welly, £13.50

Will you be stocking up on bargains?

2 thoughts on “A Tu Clothing wish list – 25% off!”

  1. I love TU clothing….I snapped up a white blouse for work from there the other day…as soon as those 25% off signs go up outside Sainsbo’s, I’m there! I also have a nice pair of skinny jeans from there which are really decent quality that are only £16 and that’s full price!

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