Bake Off, loose-leaf tea and cool kids clothes #LittleLoves

I’ve felt a bit out of sorts this week as I spent the first two days working from home. An ongoing medical problem and working a 90-minute bus ride from home has meant needing to be flexible with my hours so that I can accommodate appointments. It did mean, however, that my first day in the office this week was also my last, so it felt like the working week went by surprisingly quick. Here’s a little look at some of this week’s highlights.

Read: For the short time that I’ve spent commuting this week I’ve been reading David Meredith’s Aaru. I received an email a while back about review copies and the synopsis was intriguing enough for me to request a copy. I’ll have a review up in a couple of weeks – definitely one for sci-fi/dystopian fans.

aaru by david meredith

Watched: Unlike most people, I was never really that into The Great British Bake Off before. I’d seen bits of the odd episode but never really committed. Despite all the controversy, I decided to give it a go this season because I wanted to see what Noel Fielding would do with his role as co-presenter. Unfortunately now I’m hooked and totally emotionally invested. I’m Team Liam all the way.

Heard: Jenson is still watching his favourite films on repeat (Finding Nemo, Finding Dory, Frozen and Moana) and is starting to sing along to the songs now – super cute!

Made: As always, I’m pushing it a bit here when I say ‘made’ but I made a cup of loose-leaf tea. Hey, it’s more effort than a normal cup! You can find out more about the tea in my Pembreatea review from earlier in the week – and be in with a chance of winning the October box!

pride and prejudice loose leaf tea

Wore: I ordered a few bits for Jenson (the day before the 25% off Tu clothing week – boo!), including this awesome ‘cool like Mummy‘ long-sleeved tee. I thought it might be cute for a pre-Christmas photo shoot for family presents. I got a Daddy one too.

cool like mummy top from Sainsburys

And lastly: I’ve been listed as a young, up-and-coming professional in the world of stationery on account of this here blog. Pretty awesome, right? I had planned on going to the Manchester Stationery Show to celebrate and network but the previously mentioned medical problem means I’m going to have to hold off until the April show. Boo. But I’m so freaking excited and honoured to be on the list.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for sunshine.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

4 thoughts on “Bake Off, loose-leaf tea and cool kids clothes #LittleLoves”

  1. I’m team Liam too, love him! So pleased he got star baker this week.
    Well done on making that list, it’s so good getting external recognition for hard work and doing something we love. xx

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