Saturday Share #113

Take a closer look at the blogs I’ve been loving this week, including posts on happy mail, Atypical and how to kill it on Instagram.

saturday share

I might be a little bit anxious about hitting The Big 3-0 soon but I found Rebecca’s post on getting older really helpful.

It’s time to start treating myself to McDonalds again as they’ve got Roald Dahl books! I picked up a couple last time and now I want the whole set.

I am a big believer in supporting small businesses (in case it wasn’t already clear from recent blog collaborations!) and am working on an epic Christmas post on shopping small. I’ve loved this week’s Just a Card campaign and Katie’s post was lovely.

I’ve been pondering about whether to commit a few nights’ binge watching to Atypical and found Ali’s review really useful.

My favourite blog series at the moment is Jocelyn’s Bring Back Paper. Her tips for happy mail projects was really inspiring.

I love a happy ending and Sarah’s recent post gave me all the warm and fuzzies!

My post of the week comes from Jasmin Charlotte. This Instagram tools post is super handy.

What blogs have inspired you this week?

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