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Jenson: 29 months old

Wow, Jenson’s age in months is equal to my age in years! And I feel like he’s really grown up a lot in the last month too. He’s coming out with new words every day and is even stringing a few together, such as ‘ready, steady, go!’ and ‘where gone?’, plus he can recognise loads of numbers and colours. Proud mum alert!

Me and Jenson Trevaskis Farm

We took him to a pumpkin patch a couple of weeks ago and Luke got some super-cute pics, most of which form the contents of this post. Our friend Toni also snapped our very first family photo. Yes, it really did take nearly two and a half years for us to get one.

family photo

I love going to Trevaskis Farm. Jenson’s free to run around safely and say hi to some cute and friendly animals – plus it’s rude not to treat ourselves to cake.

Jenson Trevaskis Farm

One of the biggest developments in the last month is that Jenson now spends three hours at a time at nursery. We’ve not made our way up to the full four hours as initially planned but he’s doing a lot better than we thought he would when he first started. He stops crying pretty quickly after Luke leaves and explores the area, playing independently. We’re still working on sharing and not having a paddy whenever another kid comes near him and, surprisingly, he’s not into snack time. He’ll sit at the table with the other kids but not eat – and reserves the right to be pissed when the food gets taken away. Go figure.

Jenson Trevaskis Farm pumpkin patch

He also seems so much more capable now. Thankfully he can blow his own bubbles rather than asking us to do it all the time and he can clearly communicate what he’d like to watch on TV. We’re in a Twirlywoos phase at the moment, which started when he was a bit under the weather after his flu vaccination last week. I know there are so many controversial debates about how much screen time little ones should have but it has significantly helped his vocabulary.

jenson pumpkin patch 2017

The other night he spent the whole night in his own bed! For only the second time in the last year. Of course it was another fluke but we’re hopeful things will change soon. The big thing we need to crack on with is getting him a big boy bed and finally making his room his own and a fun place, rather than a bit of a dumping ground.

Me and Jenson Trevaskis Farm

I don’t know about you but I’m ready for the festivities to begin. Luke has been talking to Jenson about Christmas and trying to explain about Father Christmas so hopefully this year he’ll be aware and more into it. Bring it on!

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