Saturday Share #120

As much as I love blogging, I love reading blogs too. One minute you can be wanderlusting over new places to add to your travel bucket list and the next you can be weeping over someone’s personal account of a heart-breaking experience. From book hauls to recipes and home tours to pregnancy updates, my Bloglovin’ feed is pretty eclectic. Here’s a look at the blog posts I’ve loved this week.

saturday share

Blogging has done so much for my career – I don’t think I’d be working in marketing today if I hadn’t started my film blog ten years ago. If you’re a blogger, be sure to note those skills on your CV. Gwennan shows you how.

We’ve been living in our current home for over a year and still have stuff in boxes. It’s my mission early in the new year to get everything sorted, starting with the bedrooms, and Kirsty and Alice’s makeovers have given me so much inspiration.

As a stationery blogger I love having another nose at other bloggers’ fave products and Kirsty’s recent post certainly doesn’t disappoint. Neither does Gillian’s Busy B round-up.

I haven’t heard Taylor Swift’s new album yet but I’ve loved the book recommendations based on Tay-Tay’s previous albums, courtesy of Blogger’s Bookshelf. Genius idea!

While we’re on the topic of books, you may have noticed that my recent birthday/Christmas list contains a fair few. I love gifting books too and loved Emma-Louise’s post on giving the gift of books. Need some titles to get you started? Emmie’s recent review post is pretty epic and Eleanor’s review of The Knife of Never Letting Go had me hooked. And if you’ve been wondering if all those blogger books popping up on Instagram are any good, Rebecca’s got you covered.

I have to admit, for a long time I didn’t think I’d get much from Vix’s blog. Hailed as a sex and relationships blog, what could I possibly relate to when in a seven-year relationship, with a kid to boot? Turns out loads! I’ve followed her on Twitter for a while cos she’s freaking hilarious and it turns out her content is a lot more insightful and relatable than I thought. She’s fast become a new favourite and this week I loved her post on what the Tampon Tax should be spent on. And I want her new do.

Speaking of favourites, I’ve been wanderlusting over A Lady in London again. Her photos of Mykonos and Santorini and are so swoon-worthy.

I don’t follow a lot of fashion blogs (I’m so not down with the kids) but one of my faves is She and Hem. Their style is very similar to my own (or, rather, how mine was before I had a kid and went part-time and could no longer afford nice things!). Go check em out.

Normally I come across a blog post or two a week where I sit back and think “woah”. It’s either really hard-hitting, super-well written and/or totally relatable. This week I’ve got four faves:

1. Lauren Evie’s post on life after graduation rings so true. That time where you’re caught between being too qualified for some jobs but don’t have enough experience for others is soul-destroying. Especially when people expect you to work for free to gain that experience. So many graduates face this problem and I think there should be more modules built into degrees that allow students the time to gain this experience (rather than interning through the summer holidays, cos when else are you going to earn the money to pay your bills next year?!) and to gain business skills for those who want to work for themselves.

2. I’m sure a lot of women can relate to Alex’s #MeToo post. All of those small incidences can be easily overlooked at the time, especially for an easy life, but why should women be made to feel scared and/or inferior. Especially young girls who are already struggling with their appearance. The shame inflicted by men is soul-destroying and things need to change.

3. Jess’ post on the financial reality of being a mummy blogger was spot on and I found it so fresh and relatable. It’s easy to assume that a lot of bloggers have a cushy, middle-class lifestyle when the reality is the total opposite. Just because a blogger has been gifted a fab holiday doesn’t mean they’re not struggling to pay their rent.

4. Elizabeth’s post on being more than just a blogger was spot on. For a long time I used to be embarassed to tell anyone IRL that I was a blogger but now I’m able to say it with confidence and I’m proud of what I do. Just look back at Gwennan’s post on the things you can add to your CV – it’s such a skills booster and incredible experience for anyone wanting to work in copywriting, marketing or the media/comms.

Wow, that was a long Saturday Share post! Hope you found some great new reads.

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