Mental Health, Parenthood

Self-Care Sunday #36

You may have noticed a lack of self-care posts over the last fortnight. Not gonna lie, I’ve not had a lot of time for self-care, despite my insistence that everyone should be able to find at least half an hour for themselves each week. We all have our bad weeks. What I’ve learned this week, however, is that you need to grab whatever time you can.

tea and chocolate

Jenson’s not been well this week and has started most nights out in our bed, so when he settled in his own bed on Friday night, I partied hard and scoffed some tea and chocolate whilst scheduling a few blog posts. I like to get a few days ahead of myself over the weekend so that if I’m too overwhelmed by work and parenting at the start of the week I know that the blog can take care of itself. Those nights I tend to just admit defeat and make sure I get enough sleep before the dreaded alarm goes off at 6.30am. I might squeeze in a bit of Netflix too but it’s risky if it’s a new and addictive show. I’m about to start on Atypical on Charlotte’s recommendation.

When you’re struggling for me time, what’s your go-to self-care activity?

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