Lit Chat #2

Welcome to part two of my Lit Chat series (check out part one here). This the series where I select a few of my Lit Chat cards* and discuss reading habits and book-related memories, amongst other bookish things, and invite you to join in. Do leave me a comment at the end or link up your own post.

lit chat #2

I always take a peek at the book titles first and wonder what the related questions could possibly be. Here goes…

lit chat #2

While I’ve never claimed to have read something I haven’t, if I haven’t finished a book I often count it as read. People are still shocked to hear that I’ve not read any of the Harry Potter books. I bought The Philosopher’s Stone earlier this year and it’s been bumped further and further up my TBR pile.

I used to be embarrassed by my reading habits but, seriously, fuck that. You’re never too old for young adult books and it’s totally ok to read children’s books without a child around. I’ll freely admit that I read several Roald Dahl books on the bus to work this year. I used to wonder what people think when they see what I’m reading in public (I quite like to have a nose at what people are reading myself) but I really have learned to give less fucks.

lit chat #2

Ooh, that’s a good one but such a difficult decision. I think I’d have to pick the house in The Secret Garden because I always wanted a secret garden.

Literary character or author is even tougher! There are so many I love and admire but I’d want to choose someone who’s good company and inspiring. I reckon Sarah Knight would be a good friend – she’d give me a good kick up the arse!

lit chat #2

The only place I read lately is on the bus – in bed at a push, but only if I’m desperate to finish something and think I can stay awake (usually the last chapter of a thriller). Ideally I’d like to curl up in a good armchair but, y’know, kids and life and such.

A rocking chair on the porch of a beach house. Sounds pretty idyllic.

lit chat #2

My dad always read with us (with voices!) and I can remember reading to him when we had reading homework at school. I always hated reading aloud.

I had a pretty nasty bump on the head when I was seven so I’m not too great with early memories. Apparently Spot was a favourite and I’m glad Jenson likes him too. I read a lot of Enid Blyton books to myself when I was younger and loved re-reading The Magic Faraway Tree.

How about you? Do leave a comment with your own answers. I love reading about other people’s reading habits and book recommendations.

*I was sent a copy of Lit Chat for review purposes and all nerdy thoughts are my own

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