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Festive fun at Trevena Cross

I’ve been feeling all kinds of festive this year. As I’ve grown up, Christmas has lost some of that childish magic but now that Jenson is a bit older (it’s his third Christmas), I’ve started to recapture some of that youthful wonder and excitement.

Yesterday we went to Trevena Cross with my brother, his girlfriend and their son to see Santa. I assumed it was just a little grotto in a garden centre but it was so much more than that. There was a cute little market and a band and I felt festive AF, especially as we were all wearing Christmas jumpers for the occasion.

Trevena Cross festivities

I played clarinet in school so hearing the band play traditional Christmas songs brought back all kinds of memories and it was so strange but lovely to be there holding my son.

The queue to see Santa was an hour long (which we didn’t anticipate when we joined) so there were a few tantrums. Remember, this is the kid who generally hates to be around all other kids! I had to pick him up and put him down a lot in the queue (the buggy would have been a good idea) but he was mostly entertained by sitting on his uncle’s shoulders and posing for various photos.

Trevena Cross festivities

Trevena Cross festivities

Trevena Cross festivities

Along the way there was a little pitstop for children to write letters to Santa, as well as pose behind a snowglobe and with a polar bear.

I rarely ask to have my photo taken so indulge me a moment while I share a few pics…

Trevena Cross festivities

Trevena Cross festivities

Trevena Cross festivities

Trevena Cross festivities

The grotto itself was pretty magical, decked out with what I imagine to be the garden centre’s entire decoration collection. Jenson was quite taken with the train set so we might get one of those next year. In fact, he loved the decorations so much that he didn’t actually want to see Santa and had a(nother) paddy. Fortunately you get enough time with the big guy that he was able to calm down a bit and give him a high five.

Trevena Cross festivities

Trevena Cross festivities

It’s £5 per child to see Santa and on the way out the kids can pick a toy – Jenson picked a cute little dog that you can walk on a lead. He freaking loves dogs but we can’t have pets in our rented home, so it’s a clean and cheap compromise!

We’ve been making our own cards for family this year and we’re doing some DIY gifts too, so we’ve been able to get into the spirit of Christmas. Hopefully we can squeeze in some more fun activities over the next couple of weeks.

What have you been up to with your little ones in the run up to Christmas?

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