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Last-minute gift ideas for the bad-ass women in your life

A lot of blogger gift guides have been tarred with the same brush but I can personally vouch for every single item on this list. Whether you’re shopping for a mini-feminist or an older woman looking to reclaim her bad-assery, there’s something here for everyone.

For the hard-core lady types

lumberjanes novel from abrams + chronicle

I really can’t praise Lumberjanes: Unicorn Power enough. The description on the Abrams + Chronicle website says it’s for 8-12 year olds but there’s no reason why older girls/women can’t enjoy it too – it’s my book of the year after all! I can’t wait for the next volume to be released in 2018. Check out my full review here and buy it here.

For those who need a new hero

ms marvel volume 7

Ever feel like you just can’t relate to superheroes? Beyond the special powers and all that, they still feel completely unrealistic. Enter Ms Marvel. She’s just a typical Muslim high school girl, when she’s not being totally bad-ass. She’s the hero we all need. The first seven volumes are available now and volume eight is released on Boxing Day – I’ve pre-ordered mine. Check them out here.

For those who need a little pick-me-up

We Should All Be Feminists

I genuinely wish I could afford to buy a copy of this for everyone I know. Despite having been an out and proud feminist for about 20 years before watching Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TED Talk, it genuinely changed my life. It made me want to be more active in changing people’s perception of feminism – and how we should be treated. It’s only £4.00. Buy a bunch of copies here.

For the activist

act now postcards from Abrams + Chronicle

Why I March and Act Now!: 50 Protest Postcards are great reminders of the power of the female voice and inspiring examples of how far we’ve come in the last couple of years.

For those who just need a bit of encouragement

You Do You by Sarah Knight book review

It’s easy enough to say you’ll stop giving a fuck what people think and start putting yourself first but it can be hard in practice. Sarah Knight gives you the tools you need to actually start living by these rules. Help your loved ones (or yourself) start the new year as they/you mean to go on. Buy The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck and You Do You: (A No-F**ks-Given Guide) how to be who you are and use what you’ve got to get what you want now.

For the dreamers

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls Volumes 1 and 2

I freaking loved these books and want to buy a copy for every little girl I know. That’s not to say you can’t read these incredible stories to little boys too. I’ll certainly be reading them with Jenson one day. Buy volume one here.

For the older women in need of inspiration

a glorious freedom book review

A Glorious Freedom is a bit like Rebel Girls but for the older generation. The illustrations are equally stunning and there are some really powerful essays here too. Again, one I’d want to gift to so many women. Buy it here.

For the bad-ass writer

Bad Girls Throughout History stationery from Abrams and Chronicle

You can never have too many notebooks and the Bad Girls Throughout History journal is the perfect companion for bad-ass writers. Buy it here.

For the sweary stationery addict

calligraphuck sweary stationery

Come to think of it, you can never have too much stationery in general, ammiright? And the Calligraphuck range is packed with motivational tools. Get the journal, ledger and pencil case.

For the artful feminist

We Should All Be Feminists

Gemma Correll’s Feminist Activity Book is the perfect alternative stocking filler, packed full of pages to encourage you to doodle, track your reading, colour… hell, there’s even a bingo game!

Which of these would you most like to find under your tree on Christmas morning?

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