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Review: Fearne Cotton’s Happy Journal (Self-Care Sunday #40)

One of the lovely gifts I received for Christmas was the stunning Happy Journal by Fearne Cotton. It’s a sister product to her Happy book and encourages users to find joy in every day and let go of perfect.

Fearne Cotton's Happy Journal - review

In the intro, Fearne explains that this is ‘a place for you to express, wind down, reflect and take stock of all that is rumbling along in your life… Getting the whirlwind of thoughts out of your head and on to the page not only frees up more mental space for the positives in life but also helps you to find and focus on them.’

It really is a stunning journal and I love taking a couple of minutes every evening to jot down a couple of things from the day. The prompts are productive too as, even if I feel like there hasn’t been anything noteworthy, there’s still an opportunity to reflect and plan ahead.

Fearne Cotton's Happy Journal - review

Check out my full 2018 goals post here.

The prompts for each day are so encouraging. I sometimes read ahead a few days to try and have something relevant to say but I don’t put too much pressure on myself.

Fearne Cotton's Happy Journal - review

I use the journal to talk about all aspects of my life – work, family, blogging, etc. After a low stats month in December (which seems to be the case for most bloggers/influencers), I was so pleased to have a great first week in January. I typically have 2,500-3,000 views a month and managed over 1,000 in the first week, thanks to a new post being shared a few times and an oldie having great SEO.

Fearne Cotton's Happy Journal - review

The prompts really give me a chance to be honest with myself. I go to bed quite early and used to go straight to sleep but now I have to watch an episode of Grey’s. And god help me if it ends on a cliffhanger, cos then I tend to go for a second episode and before you know it I’ve lost an hour and a half of potential sleep.

Fearne Cotton's Happy Journal - review

The journal in itself is a great act of self-care but there are specific self-care prompts too. The other night I actually put everything aside for the ultimate pamper evening and it felt amazing.

Fearne Cotton's Happy Journal - review

Something that I really lack lately is self-confidence and I’m looking forward to completing the entries which encourage me to turn this around.

Fearne Cotton's Happy Journal - review

I already feel so much more positive after less than two weeks and I hope that continues to grow over the year. I’ll post another update in a few weeks as it’s quite fun to share. Let me know what you think.

Buy it here.

Pop back tomorrow for an extra self-care post on how to deal with Blue Monday.

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