Ms Marvel, 90s classics and the softest scarf #LittleLoves

I’m really feeling the blogging love this year. I’ve been at this for almost 13 years now and it’s easy for the passion to sort of ebb and flow. Right now it’s at its peak and I’m bleddy loving it.

This year I’m making more of a conscious to produce content that I’m excited about and proud of. I won’t be daily blogging for the sake of it and I’ll only work on brand collaborations that I’m genuinely excited and passionate about. This week I worked with Prestige Flowers but instead of the usual Valentine’s Day post I pitched them something more along the lines of Galentine’s Day and self-care/gratitude.

Valentine's Day gifts from Prestige Flowers

I’m also looking to network more, both with other bloggers and brands, and I’ve certainly done that in just the first three weeks of the year. I’ve joined some book blogger communities (check out my first Blogger Book Nook post here) and I’ve secured two sponsorships for National Stationery Week. Just five more to go.

Here’s a look at some other things I’ve loved over the last week.

Read: Ms Marvel Volume 8. I’m sure most non-comic book readers have a certain opinion on such books but I really can’t encourage everyone to read these books enough. Ms Marvel is such a great character for this generation of young women and the storylines are so topical. I want to punch the air in triumph every time I read a new volume.

Ms Marvel Volume 8

Watched: I’m really slacking with my film goals this year. I feel like everyone and their dog has seen The Greatest Showman and I’ve not heard a bad thing about it. I really need to make the effort to go see it. Instead, when I have the time, I’ve been watching more of Grey’s Anatomy. I’m a few episodes into season five now and, I’ve got to admit, I’ve found Derek and Meredith really annoying most of the way through. I ended up loving Addison right before she left. Christina has been a favourite from the beginning but right now my favourite is Bailey. I loved her from the beginning but I’m really feeling the working mum vibes.

Heard: We’ve had a few 90s playlists going in the office this week and every time Linger comes on I kinda wanna cry a bit.

Made: Nothing – bad mum alert. We haven’t done anything fun and creative over the last week, although I’ve got some bits in for us to make Rice Krispie cakes together later. I’ve not baked with Jenson yet and I think this is a safe and fun way to get him started.

I’ve also been thinking about bringing back my recipe posts. It started out as a way to show that if I can follow a recipe and create a half decent meal then anyone can and sort of fizzled out when Luke took over cooking duties when my maternity leave ended. He’s such a great cook and I’d love to share his tasty meals with readers. Last night he made this incredible chicken pasta thing with a cheesey garlic mushroom sauce. Plus doing the recipe posts will give me an excuse to learn. Let me know if this is something you’d like to see. I’ve linked up my old posts below:

Double crunch honey garlic chicken
Spanish chicken with chorizo and potatoes
Chocolate birthday cake
Oat and raisin cookies
Toad in the hole
Nutella pastry swirls
Pizza wraps

Wore: My mum bought me a new scarf and I swear it’s like a duvet for my head and shoulders. It was only £8 in the New Look sale (similar here).

New Look scarf

New Look scarf

And lastly: After being asked for the umpteenth time ‘when are you having another baby?’, I wrote an open letter and shared it with the world. It’s had some really lovely comments and I’m so glad I shared it. Take a gander if you fancy.

And that’s it for another week! I’m off to bake Rice Krispie cakes and hit the park with my friend and our gorgeous kiddos. Have a lovely weekend :)

This post contains an affiliate linkLittle Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

7 thoughts on “Ms Marvel, 90s classics and the softest scarf #LittleLoves”

  1. Wow 13 years, that’s awesome ! We are working our way through season 5 of Grey’s now, Christina is my favourite although I agree that Bailey is pretty brilliant too. I can’t think of anything ruder than asking someone if they are having more kids, it makes me cringe. Have a great week. #LittleLoves

  2. I received some Flowers from Prestige as well. They are gorgeous aren’t they? Mine are still going strong too. Love that scarf! Looks really cosy and comfy! Have a wonderful weekend x

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