Saturday Share #128

You really can find so much awesome advice on the internet. From potty training to travel and life balance to dating, these bloggers have got you covered.

saturday share

I’ve loved reading about Cat’s freelance journey and she’s just posted the first part of her tips on writing your own freelance business plan.

My favourite travel blogger is back with some gorgeous photos from Tokyo and Naoshima

Have I mentioned how much I love Vix? There’s been a bit floating around the Twittersphere after the One Show did a piece on men paying on the first date and I love her post on the dating traditions that need to die.

We’re a way off starting to potty train yet but I find the prospect so daunting. Reading about other people’s experiences is so helpful though. If you’re starting soon, check out Helen’s post.

You know how sometimes you don’t realise you need something until you find out it’s a thing and then you can’t get enough of it? Enter Rhianna’s Uncool Club.

It’s amazing how much blogging can change your life and I loved Jess’ post on the confidence it has brought her.

The most relatable post of the week comes from Vicki and is about finding the balance when you become a mum. It’s so easy to lose a part of yourself when you become a parent.

Which bloggers have inspired you this week?

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