My life in photos: February 2018

Let’s be honest, with my surgery scheduled for this afternoon (note: I developed a cold over the weekend so it might not happen. Again), the rest of this month is a write-off, so I’ve scheduled my monthly update early. Fortunately the first 25 days of the month were filled with plenty to smile about.

My life in photos: February 2018

1. I signed up for a book swap and read How to Stop Time by Matt Haig. Turns out everyone’s talking about it for a reason. Check out my review post here.
2. Unicorn goodies from Dom <3
3. Took Mum to The Front Room for a birthday brunch. It’s one of my favourite places to eat out in Penzance because they’re super-child friendly, Jenson loves it and the staff are so lovely.
4. I actually bought new clothes! OK, my mum treated me, but still. I’d been eyeing up this t-shirt for a while and managed to bag it in the sales.
5. I’d never tried liquid chocolate before but spotted this cutie in Iceland. Now I wouldn’t use anything else for my hot chocolates.
6. Tasty treat from my mum. I don’t recommend eating it all in one go…
7. Gorgeous watercolour stationery from Abrams + Chronicle. Full review post with more pretty pictures here.
8. I spotted this copy of Goodnight Mr Tom in a charity shop window and had to have it, especially when I found out it was only £2!
9. I reviewed a copy of Teen Breathe’s List Journal – perfect for people who want to bujo but don’t want to set up their own spreads.

My life in photos - February 2018

1 & 2. I’ve been sent so many awesome ARCs this month, including Bygone Badass Broads (out tomorrow) and Herstory (out Thursday). Check back later this week for my reviews.
3. Speaking of books, Fable & Black is a great site for bookworms. I won a Lucky Dip Box in a Twitter giveaway and loved my goodies. You can find out more in my review post here.
4. We were invited to Land’s End to review the new Aardman attraction – perfect for nerds of all ages.
5. It took me 20 years but I finally started reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Figured I’d better get started with The Chamber of Secrets soon to be released in all its Hufflepuff glory. Yes, I’m a Hufflepuff – I checked twice.
6. If you’re still looking for a Mother’s Day gift, the new One Line a Day memory book is pretty stunning.
7. This bath bomb was almost too cute to use. Almost.
8. Sassy socks from New Look.
9. Looks like Spring might actually be on the way.

The weather seems to be taking a turn for the better, so bring on March!

A Cornish Mum

10 thoughts on “My life in photos: February 2018”

  1. There’s a lot of lovely things here – I love the idea of a paper journal but I don’t know if I’d manage to keep up with it. I hope you are recovering well if your surgery went ahead. (P.S. Apologies for the late comment – I’m about to write my March post and realised I haven’t commented on any of February’s yet! #LikedAndLoved)

  2. I am about 100 pages into How to Stop Time and it’s ruddy great. Even if it did make me cry on the Tube the other day. Have you read Matt Haig’s Christmas books? They’re flipping wonderful.

    (I am totally a Hufflepuff too)

  3. love the socks and bath bomb!! Heard a few great reviews about the book How to stop time. And the list Journal sounds interesting. #LikedandLoved

  4. That sounds like an amazing month to me! That brunch looks pretty amazing :) I hope your op went well if it did end up going ahead lovely.

    Thanks for joining in with #LikedandLoved again :)

    Stevie x

  5. Goodnight Mister Tom was one of my favourite childhood books! I still have my childhood copy I must’ve got when I was about ten! (It’s actually the only one of my childhood books I managed to keep hold of). I also began reading How To Stop Time a few days ago and I’m really enjoying it so far. I hope you were still able to have the surgery, and if you did, I hope it went well, and you’re feeling okay. xx

    1. Thanks ❤ It was rescheduled again because I picked up a cold over the weekend so I’m gonna start on the multivitamins ready for next time. I really wish I saved my childhood books. I picked a few toys to hang on to but charity shopped all of my books.

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