Why I love my One Line a Day memory book

When I was pregnant with Jenson, I picked up a One Line a Day memory book. I intended to use it when he was born to record a memory a day, starting with noting down his firsts and then hilarious quotes as he grew older.

one line a day diary

I keep it by my bed and write in it every night before I go to sleep. Some entries are more monumental than others…

10 June 2015: You did such a big poo today that it was easier just to throw your clothes away!

15 June 2015: You really need to work on your aim when you’re peeing – today you got it on your face and in your ear! You weren’t very impressed.

20 July 2015: You fell asleep on me, smiling as I stroked the back of your head. I had forgotten how much you like that.

It’s really lovely to look back on and I decided to do a round-up at the end of his first year.

jensons first birthday party

It’s funny how you don’t really notice the changes day-to-day but looking back on that blog post reminds me of how much he’s changed.

I wrote another round-up for his second birthday – less poo memories and more first words.

10 July 2016: You say “nom nom” when you’re eating now and can actually high five! :)

11 July 2016: Another new word – duck! You said it in the bath when playing with your rubber ducks – cute! :)

19 October 2016: You started copying Daddy making animal noises – now you can roar! :)

jenson's second birthday

I’m just over halfway through my first journal and it’s definitely a tradition I’d like to keep up. Fortunately Abrams + Chronicle have just added to their range.

One Line a Day memory book

The Floral One Line a Day is simply stunning and by far my favourite of the set. It’s such a lovely gift idea (Mother’s Day is coming up) and also something to treasure for yourself.

One Line a Day memory book

Like my blue version, it has a hard cover and beautiful gold edges but it also has floral illustrations. Pretty!

One Line a Day memory book

One Line a Day memory book

One Line a Day memory book

One Line a Day memory book

Over a million copies of these memory books have been sold worldwide and it’s not hard to see why.

Do you have a memory book? Mine has become one of my most treasured possessions.

I was sent a copy of the Floral One Line a Day for review purposes and all thoughts are my own

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