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Kawaii stationery [Blippo review + giveaway]

I’m a massive stationery nerd, that much should be obvious by now, but what I especially love is cute and Instagrammable stationery, which Blippo does by the bucket load. Seriously. Their kawaii goodies (and it’s not just stationery) are so flipping cheap – and they ship to the UK for free! I could quite literally fill my office with their products.

Blippo stationery review and giveaway

Whether you’re looking for a one-off or regular supplies, they’ve got you covered. They do a kawaii subscription box, packed with 8-10 surprise items with free worldwide shipping, and a surprise stationery bag, which can be ordered any any time. I’ll certainly be treating myself to a few of these. For just £13.61 (again, with free shipping – something I always appreciate!), you get at least 15 randomly selected stationery items – bleddy bargain!

The team sent me a few samples to try which I’ve reviewed below, plus they’ve also provided a lovely giveaway for my fellow stationery addicts.

Up first is the Hello Kitty Soft Pencil Case with Strap. It’s so flipping adorable and just £4.47. Back to school shopping has never been so cheap and easy! It’s super soft and the strap means you can wrap it around your favourite notebook and keep everything together.

Blippo stationery review and giveaway

Blippo stationery review and giveaway

Speaking of notebooks, I love my pocket Dream and Explore Notebook. It’s handy to carry around to meetings at work or keep on my desk for all those random notes. Because it’s got room for dates, you could even use it as a bedside journal. Plus, at £2.52, and with four different styles, they’re cheap enough to have one for each project you’re working on.

Blippo stationery review and giveaway

A couple of years ago I came across my first erasable pen and I really couldn’t be without them now. I hate crossing things out in my planner and having everything look a mess. Blippo do these super kawaii erasable pens. They’re £1.51 each and available in four colours. Considering it normally costs over a tenner for a pack of four of my usuals, I’ll definitely be switching to these.

Blippo stationery review and giveaway

In case you’re worried about a cheap pen not being that erasable, check out my test page below – pretty perfect if you ask me.

Blippo stationery review and giveaway

Blippo stationery review and giveaway

And where would a stationery addict be without a plentiful supply of washi tape? Whether you use it to display prints on your wall or to jazz up your bujo, it’s a must-buy, and they have sooo many designs. The Fresh Fruits Set is fun and colourful (what else do you expect from Blippo?!) and you get a pack of two for £2.59. This collection also has four styles available but there are loads more to browse on their site.

Blippo stationery review and giveaway

Because there is so much to love on Blippo’s website, I thought I’d throw in a look at what I’ve bookmarked for future purchases. I’ll certainly be treating myself soon.

Blippo wish list

Neko Paw Sticky Bookmarks, £1.66
Recycled Paper Cover Animal Medium Notebook, £3.53
Animal gift box Notepad, £2.52
Maru Animals Sticky Note, £1.37
Pastel Pom Pom Ink Pen, £1.58
Happy Everyday Notebook, £10.01
Fantasy Moon and Stars Ink Pen, £1.37
Colorful Bear Notebook – Large, £11.16

Now for the giveaway! Just click on the link below to enter.

Blippo kawaii stationery giveaway

The giveaway is open worldwide and will close on 3 April. Winners will be contacted by email. If the winner does not respond within 3 days, a new winner will be drawn. By entering you will also receive a newsletter that includes kawaii deals and news. You can easily unsubscribe with one click.

The winner will receive an erasable pen, a Korean Deco Tape Set and 7-piece Little Animals Stationery Set.

Good luck!

I was sent this selection of stationery for review purposes and all thoughts are my own.

6 thoughts on “Kawaii stationery [Blippo review + giveaway]”

  1. I’m a big fan of all things unicorn related at the moment so I’d love the Cinnamoroll Unicorn Coil Notebook.

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