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Free comic book haul

A couple of weeks ago my neighbour had a clear out and left a massive box of comic books on her doorstep – for nice nerds only. Now, I don’t like to toot my own horn, but I like to think I’m a nice nerd – so I took about half the box! I sorted through it and picked out a bunch of titles that were of interest and they’re now sitting in a huge pile on my office floor. Luckily I’ve got some time on my hands at the moment.

Free comic book haul

I’m a member of a couple of geeky blogger groups on Facebook and asked if anyone would want to see a haul post, so here we are!

Free comic book haul

It was the sight of Wonder Woman which made me start looking through the box. I’ve read a few older storylines but nothing from the new 52. Now I’ve got issues 13-20.

Free comic book haul

I hadn’t heard of the Guardians of the Galaxy until the first film came out and now they possibly rank as my favourite Marvel films to date. I was interested to read some of the source material so grabbed all of the Rocket Raccoon issues – how awesome is that limited edition on top of the pile? I’ve got issues 1-11.

Free comic book haul

Luke bought me the first volume of the new (Lady) Thor series and it was really interesting, so I grabbed some more. I’ve got Thor Secret Wars and issues 5-8.

Free comic book haul

I’ve got a random volume of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer graphic novels which I picked up for free in a book box at my post office. It was a bit weird to read but I’m keen to give it another go. I’ve got Season 10 issues 8 and 11-14.

Free comic book haul

A couple of single issues – Black Canary (all I know of the character is from the Arrow TV show, which I’m behind on) and Sabrina (I thought it would be interesting to read the first issue).

Do you have any alternative comic recommendations? I say alternative because I tend to stick to what I know and love – Ms Marvel, Runaways and Batman. I pre-order every volume of Ms Marvel, I have all of the volumes of the original incarnation of Runaways (no, I’ve not seen the show yet or read any of Diablo Cody’s series – thoughts?) and I’ve read a range of Batman, with The Long Halloween being my favourite storyline. Most of my recent comic purchases have been gifts from Luke and I’d love more Spider-Gwen (the artwork is my favourite to date) and Alias (Jessica Jones is my spirit animal).

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