Mr Kipling Roald Dahl cakes
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Exceedingly geeky cakes

If you follow me on Instagram you'll have noticed a fair few tea and cake posts lately. When Dom told me that Mr Kipling had released a line of Roald Dahl cakes, I knew I had to get them all. Yes, for the Gram. I hate me too. Anyhoo, I could only find the George's… Continue reading Exceedingly geeky cakes

roald dahl at tk maxx
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Item of the day: Roald Dahl home range from TK Maxx

I love Roald Dahl's children's stories and Quentin Blake's illustrations, so of course I love the new home range from TK Maxx. The bean cubes are great but I think my favourite pieces are the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Matilda cushions. Bleddy bargains too! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory cushion, £12.99, James and… Continue reading Item of the day: Roald Dahl home range from TK Maxx

roald dahl 100 wish list
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Happy Roald Dahl Day!

Today is a big day in any bookworm's calendar - Roald Dahl Day. And not just any Roald Dahl Day - it's the celebration of what would be his 100th birthday! An extra special day indeed! And in honour of this momentous occasion, I've put together a little wish list of products that any Dahl… Continue reading Happy Roald Dahl Day!

james and the giant peach duvet set from m and co
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Item of the day: Kids duvet set from M & Co

I constantly see awesome kids' duvet sets and wish they did them in kingsize. Like this James and the Giant Peach one from M & Co. It's £30.00 and you can get other sets with awesome Quentin Blake illustrations. I'm also loving this jungle adventure set - blue elephants!!!

thank you cards
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National Stationery Week 2016: Thank You Thursday

It's Thank You Thursday, so I've gotta share some of my favourite thank you cards with you! Growing up, I was always encouraged to write thank you notes and I think it's something we forget about it as we get older - let's bring it back! Stripey thank you card, £2.99 Thanks a bunch, £4.50… Continue reading National Stationery Week 2016: Thank You Thursday

mothers day gift guide 2016

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Next week is one of the most important days of the year: Mother's Day. Yep, it's time to show thanks for all those sleepless nights, dirty nappies, snotty noses. tantrums, slammed doors, late night phone calls for a lift home, etc. Mums are pretty awesome, ammiright? Here's a wee little gift guide to save you… Continue reading Mother’s Day Gift Guide

quentin blake lampshade from amazon
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Item of the day: Quentin Blake lampshade from Amazon

I'm pretty obsessed with anything with Quentin Blake illustrations on. Seriously, you should see my Amazon wishlist and Pinterest boards. I've gotta have this incredible lampshade. It would look great on my bedside table. I just need to get a plain black touch base to go with it. It's £19.95.

my stationery
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Wrapping up National Stationery Week

I know, I blogged about it all last week but I just need one more day to share some of the incredible products and blog posts I came across during National Stationery Week. Then we'll get back to our regular programming - with the usual amount of stationery love! Here's a look at some of… Continue reading Wrapping up National Stationery Week

roald dahl day: matilda print
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Happy Roald Dahl Day

In honour of Roald Dahl Day (it's his birthday, doncha know!), I've picked out some pretty epic items any die-hard fan would be proud to own. There's the quirky cushions... ... the inspiring t-shirt... ... character mugs... ... ultimate cookbook... ... and the cutest print!

my week in photos

Highlights of the week

Lots to peruse again this week, including loads of recipes - get your bake on! Lifestyle une semaine à Paris - Violet Key Why I'm staying pale all summer long - Hello Giggles Wonder Woman is TOTALLY a feminist - Hello Giggles The charity shop challenge - Paper Crowned Blogging Learn to code - Melrosa… Continue reading Highlights of the week