Friday Favourites #56

What a week! On the one hand I love Bank Holidays because hello extra family day! On the other, a shorter working week means something’s gotta give. But here we are on the other side (just about), on the eve of September. How did that happen? I don’t know about you but I love September. It always feels like the chance for a fresh start and I love of autumn. So let’s wave goodbye to the last week of summer in style, with another Friday Favourites.

Family lunch

We went out for lunch for my uncle’s birthday last weekend and I finally tried the new food at The Pirate Inn. It was recently taken over by a new family and, although I’d heard good things about the tapas, I decided to go with chilli nachos. It took an hour for our food to come out but it was very tasty.

Nachos from The Pirate Inn

Homemade pizza

We eat a lot of pizza in our house and the other night we decided to make our own – kinda. We used tortilla wraps for the base and they were sooo good! Would definitely have again. Jenson loved doing his own toppings and it went down a treat.

Homemade pizza

Homemade pizza

Family day

Our Bank Holiday plans were cancelled last minute so we decided to wing it (so unlike me!) and took Jenson along the prom in Penzance. We’ve walked past the arcade a few times but always felt he was a bit young to appreciate it – now he’s a pretty good age. We pooled all of our change for a few games and we’ve decided to start saving up our tickets for an epic prize. We also popped to the park and decided to have the ultimate treat day, with ice cream and pizza for lunch. He was one very happy child.


Bank Holiday family day

Sylvia Plath

Rio mentioned on her Stories that the BBC had aired a documentary on Sylvia Plath and I had to watch it. The Bell Jar is one of my favourite books and I was interested to know how much of it was based on her life. Worth a watch – there’s a week or so left on iPlayer.

Sylvia Plath: Inside the Bell Jar

Mamma Mia

I was exhausted after work on Wednesday but my bestie insisted I come out and see Mamma Mia at the outdoor theatre – and a bleddy good idea it was too. If I hadn’t gone out, I’d have been in bed, fast asleep with Jenson. Instead I was duetting SOS. Good times.

It’s so lovely seeing how much people still love this film. My pictures are naff because I took them on my phone in the dark but you get the idea of everyone getting up to sing and dance at the end.

Mamma Mia at Penlee Theatre

Mamma Mia at Penlee Theatre

Back to school stationery

You’re never too old for back to school stationery. Looking to refresh your supplies? I’ve got a giveaway running with Ryman until the end of the week. Check out the original post and how to enter here.

Back to school stationery review and giveaway with Ryman

We’ve got nothing planned for the weekend, which is probably just as well because Jenson has a cold – and I’m already starting to feel a bit meh. Gotta love sharing germs with cuddly children.

Have a lovely weekend! :)

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