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Saturday Share #57

Blog posts I've loved this week include opening up about pregnancy, a reading challenge and photos of Cornwall. Even though Jenson is coming up to three and a half years old, I still love reading about other bloggers' pregnancy journeys. I really appreciated the honesty of Abi and Freya's recent posts. Speaking of children, my… Continue reading Saturday Share #57

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Saturday Share #53

Are you ready for your weekly dose of recommended blog posts? Prepare for a whole load of awesome, including body confidence, book recommendations, feminism and Cornwall. Have you read about the Dove Self-Esteem Project? It looks flipping fabulous! I'm a feminist in the true sense of the word: equality for all genders. As the mother… Continue reading Saturday Share #53

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Saturday Share #145

There are some downright queens in the blogosphere, aren't there? So much inspiration and girl power. Check out my favourite blog posts from the last week. Firstly, let's give it up for super queen Hannah Witton and these truly stunning photos. The gal has such a great attitude. I'm still loving life in my Instagram… Continue reading Saturday Share #145

made with love in cornwall giveaway

WIN a bundle of goodies made with love in Cornwall

I love supporting local creatives so for one of my blogaversary giveaway days I wanted to promote some fab creative women in Cornwall. I've linked up their social media pages and Etsy shops along with pictures of what you can win* below. You really should check out more of their incredible work. Up first is… Continue reading WIN a bundle of goodies made with love in Cornwall

my life in photos: april 2017
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My life in photos: April 2017

Happy Bank Holiday Monday! Sorry to those of you who don't get an extra day off :( 1 May means time to reflect on an awesome month and look forward to all the excitement to come. For me, April was the month with annual leave and National Stationery Week, with May bringing a busy month… Continue reading My life in photos: April 2017

Papergang April 2017
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The Good Fight, biscuit decorating and Papergang #LittleLoves

How is my annual leave nearly over :( Fortunately I'm off again in a few weeks for Jenson's birthday and I feel like I've been productive with my time this week. I've been out in the sun, spent time with the family and caught up with friends. And we've got another birthday party tomorrow -… Continue reading The Good Fight, biscuit decorating and Papergang #LittleLoves

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Saturday Share #87

I've been inspired by so many blog posts this week! It's all about creativity when it comes to my favourite blog posts this week, including podcasts, TED Talks, blogging tips and book recommendations. I totally need to give hand lettering a go too. I've read so many blog posts that I didn't know I needed… Continue reading Saturday Share #87

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Friday Favourites #32

How is it the weekend already? This week has flown by; probably because I've gone to bed with Jenson every night this week so there hasn't been any downtime. But he was in bed by 8pm so woooo! Hopefully I can schedule a few posts and finish my book before I crash. Wish me luck!… Continue reading Friday Favourites #32

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Saturday Share #83

The blogosphere is so relatable and inspiring, always encouraging me to be a better writer. Here's what I've loved reading this week. Oh so many relatable blog posts this week. Like Sophie I often wonder where I fit into the world of blogging, Molly's Gilmore Girls addiction is me a few weeks ago and my… Continue reading Saturday Share #83

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Saturday Share #80

I love this time of the year in the blogosphere as it's full of inspiration, with many bloggers sharing their goals for the new year. I totally missed the Twitter negativity over Christmas hauls and new year goals but Gwennan wrote a great response to it. FYI, I also wrote my own goals post here.… Continue reading Saturday Share #80