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Using my bullet journal to plan for Christmas

I love my Dingbats* bullet journal. I’ve tried ten different dot grid notebooks and this one always comes out on top (check out all of my reviews and ratings here). I’ve previously blogged about how I use it to track my reading and now I want to share how I’m using it to plan for Christmas.

Dingbats* bullet journal - Christmas 2018

I’ve kept my spreads quite simple, opting for washi tape as the bulk of my decoration. I couldn’t resist having a crack at a couple of cute illustrations for some though.

Of course, as a blogger, the most important thing is the Christmas bucket list. I have the same key items which appear every year (see the Mousehole Lights, watch It’s A Wonderful Life, Christmas parties, etc) but as Jenson gets older, I’m adding more fun activities. It’s the first year he’s been aware of what’s going on during the build up (it’s been building up since the start of October!) and I can’t wait to share my Christmas Eve traditions of watching Raymond Briggs’ Father Christmas and leaving out a mince pie and carrot.

Dingbats* bullet journal - Christmas 2018

Then there’s the all-important Christmas card list. God help you if you forget someone!

Dingbats* bullet journal - Christmas 2018

The gift list is essential, especially if you pick up bargains through the year when they’re on offer. I’ve done about 85% of my shopping already and have to keep reminding myself of what I’ve already bought.

Dingbats* bullet journal - Christmas 2018

My final spread is an events calendar. I want to do as much with Jenson as possible, as well as head along to some local markets. I’m feeling festive AF just thinking about it! What are your favourite Christmas events in Cornwall?

Dingbats* bullet journal - Christmas 2018

I wanted to keep it quite simple this year and create spreads for things I actually need to record and track. I thought about adding things like favourite songs and films but I want to keep my bujo as a productivity tool rather than make unnecessary work for myself. I might add a Christmas shopping list soon but don’t feel the need to do any meal planning – Luke is the cook in our house. Maybe I should introduce him to bullet journaling…

What do you like to track during the festive period?

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