A few of my favourite things #91

Well, after eleven days away from the office I can confirm that I don’t feel at all rested! OK, the spa day on day two was pretty epic, but I haven’t stopped since. Jenson has had an awesome fourth birthday though, so it’s all worth it. Here’s a look at some highlights.

Trevaskis Farm

We spent our Bank Holiday at Trevaskis Farm with Luke’s parents. They gave him his first camera so he took over photographer duties for most of the day.  The horses are super friendly and I always love to say hi.

Trevaskis Farm

Trevaskis Farm

One of the best things about Trevakis is their desserts. This time I tried the Rolo Pie and had to take it home – it took me three attempts over two days!

Trevaskis Farm

Jenson’s fourth birthday

I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited about a birthday, including my own. I’m so glad that we were able to get Jenson the two (discontinued!) toys he really wanted, even though one of them takes over most of our living room floor. He was really excited to come down first thing in the morning and see it already set up – so much so that we had to bail on the morning’s swimming lesson.

Jenson's fourth birthday

It was a bleddy gorgeous day and his only request was to go for his first Happy Meal. Rather than get the bus over, we decided to take his bike on the cycle path, which we’ll be making an effort to do more regularly over the summer.

Jenson's fourth birthday

We saw The Secret Life of Pets 2 in the cinema the previous weekend, so he was excited to get the toys. I paid the extra couple of quid to add all the toys they had available to his box and he loved getting a balloon too. I think we might need to pop back to get more toys…

Jenson's fourth birthday

Jenson's fourth birthday

He had such a great day and spent his birthday money on a couple of extra toys he had his eye on too. One very happy bunny.

Grow & Glow

I mentioned last week that I signed up to Vix’s Grow & Glow community and I have loved checking out the resources. I haven’t had as much time to get stuck in as I’d like, so I’m going to try and make some time next week. Fortunately I’m only back in the office for three days before another eleven days off (I always book the boys’ birthday weeks off), so I’m hoping to get some personal development time while the kid is at nursery (in amongst tidying our shithole of a home before our next house inspection!).

Grow and glow

A not-so-lazy Sunday

The weekend turned out to be a lot busier than I’d planned. We had to pop out to the ‘big’ supermarket on Saturday morning to stock up on lunchbox supplies (not easy as a non-driver, as it meant a return bus ride in holiday traffic from Penzance to Hayle). Then we popped to the park before getting a text to say that Jenson’s much-desired PJ Masks toy was available to collect, which meant another bus trip. Luckily the kid loves buses!

To compensate, I planned a chilled Sunday before Jenson asked if we could go swimming. We hadn’t been to the local pool outside of lessons before but we were there before 10am, so it was pretty quiet. I’d forgotten that they have a water slide, which blew both of our minds. We were there over an hour (with about 20 goes on the slide) and it was great to get in the pool after missing our lesson earlier in the week. Plus it was free! Jenson has a membership card which covers his lessons and additional swims for just £23 a month (lessons are half the price of our old classes plus they run all year) and because he had a couple of cancelled classes while the pool heating system was broken, the extra credits meant I got to swim for free. Bargain!

Oh, and we also followed this up with another trip to the park. We bumped into one of his nursery friends which is always fun.

I feel like I’m going to back to work for a break, despite the 6:15am alarm. At least I get to finally get stuck into Stephanie Garber’s Finale on the bus.

Have a great week :)

2 thoughts on “A few of my favourite things #91”

  1. That Rolo pie looks delicious 😍 I sadly missed the time slot to sign up to Grow & Glow, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to get in there once it opens in August! From what I’ve heard from other bloggers, the resources are amazing ❤️

    Beka |

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