Lit Chat #5

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Welcome to part five of my Lit Chat series (check out parts one, two, three and four).

Lit Chat review

Lit Chat part 5

This is the series where I select a few of my Lit Chat cards (previously sent for review) and discuss reading habits and book-related memories, amongst other bookish things, and invite you to join in.

Lit Chat part 5

Do you pay attention to who the publisher is? Do you have a favourite publisher?

I do now, as of a few years ago. My favourites include Abrams + Chronicle, Little Brown, Quercus, Penguin/Puffin, Trigger, Virago and Dialogue. I particularly like beautiful books, publishers who champion new female writers, and diverse stories.

If it had been Pigeon Books instead of Penguin Books would the company have been as successful? What would you name your publishing house?

Names are so powerful, aren’t they? I”d probably choose something nerdy and/or tied to the coast.

Lit Chat part 5

What book would you love to see as a movie or television series?

I’ve just finished Finale and would love to see Stephanie Garber’s Caraval series adapted. When I read the first in the series (young adult fantasy isn’t usually my thing and I’d rather a film than book), I immediately envisioned an adaptation. It would be fantastic to see the spectacle of the story come to life. And the gowns!

Who would you pick to make that movie or television series? Pick your dream cast.

I think Baz Luhrmann would do an incredible job and I’d have Sandy Powell on costume. I’m not really familiar with young casts these days… I think the likes of Millie Bobby Brown are too young and the Thirteen Reasons Why cast are too old. Hell, I’m too old to answer this.

Lit Chat part 5

Your favourite fictional character suddenly appears at your front door. What book would you share to acquaint them with this new world they find themselves in?

I don’t think I have a favourite fictional character. Maybe Matilda or Jo March? I think I’d share one of my topical favourites from last year, such as The Hate U Give (for Matilda) or Home Fire (for Jo).

What book would you absolutely NOT give them?

Something I couldn’t bear to part with, like my Penguin Clothbound Classics.

Lit Chat part 5

Is there a particular book or series you associate most with your childhood?

The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton. I really regret parting with my childhood favourites. I picked up a couple at a car boot a few years ago and then misplaced them last time we moved. Maybe I’ll find them again next time…

Is there a book or series you feel every child should read?

As much as I love Enid Blyton’s books, I don’t think they’ve aged well. I highly recommend Roald Dahl’s books, though, and I can’t imagine a world where children don’t grow up reading Harry Potter.


Lit Chat is such a great idea. Perfect for English classes, book clubs and a wonderful gift idea for bookworms.

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