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Saturday Share #114

This week's favourite blog posts are all about beautiful places and moving words. Grab a brew and enjoy! I loved Hello Giggles' writers' posts for National Poetry Day, particularly these ones on Maya Angelou and Sylvia Plath. Is it wrong to want to visit somewhere just because it looks super Instagrammable? Portmeirion in North Wales… Continue reading Saturday Share #114

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Saturday Share #54

The internet is full of so many wonderful things - like bunnies, puppies, beautifully decorated bullet journals and bedrooms straight outta Toy Story! Enjoy this week's fave reads. Blogging How many of these blogger cliches are you guilty of? I only tick half the boxes! I loved Cat's post on 15 truths we don't like… Continue reading Saturday Share #54

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Ten places I want to go

As a reader of blogs, it's easy to get life envy sometimes. Sometimes it can be of someone who gets to do this for a living or just someone who blags an awesome sponsorship deal. Most of the time, it's those damn travel bloggers! And I have been pinning the shit out of all the… Continue reading Ten places I want to go