2019 goals toolkit giveaway
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2019 goals toolkit [+ giveaway]

I loved Sophie Cliff's post on setting goals about feeling rather than doing, and so this year I'm not going to strive for more followers, write out a list of places to visit, or aim to finally lose the baby weight (is it still considered baby weight after three years?!). Instead I'm going to focus… Continue reading 2019 goals toolkit [+ giveaway]

Calm the Fuck Down by Sarah Knight - review

What I’ve been reading lately #12

Now that I've finished with the ol' commute for the year, it's time for my final 'what I've been reading lately' of the year. Cos we all know the real reason I work a 90-minute bus ride away is so I actually have time to read! ;) 'scuse the lack of photos for most of… Continue reading What I’ve been reading lately #12