A girl power wish list
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A girl power wish list

I've been pinning the shit out of beautiful things I've found on the internet this week - and they've all got a girl power theme. Check out these beauties. T-shirt, £8.99, H&M Vajournal: Feminist Interactions & Interventions, £4.00, Oliver Bonas Notebook, £8.00, Paperchase (scrapbook and pouch also available) Mug, £10.00, Paperchase (shopper bag also available)… Continue reading A girl power wish list

Teen Breathe List Journal review
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List making as self-care (Self-Care Sunday #44)

I've mentioned before how much I love Breathe magazine, and it's sister publication, Teen Breathe, and I was so pleased to see the release of Teen Breathe's List Journal*. I'm an avid list maker, especially when it comes to 'to do' lists, but I'm also learning to apply list-making to other areas of my life.… Continue reading List making as self-care (Self-Care Sunday #44)

Watercolor Workshop stationery by Sasha Prood from Abrams + Chronicle

Stunning watercolour stationery by Sasha Prood

I love that when Abrams + Chronicle release a new stationery range you get a beautiful journal, notebook and set of notecards. They cover all of your needs - and it's very much needed for Sasha Prood's stunning watercolours, as I just can't get enough of them. The journal, as always, is a proper stunner.… Continue reading Stunning watercolour stationery by Sasha Prood

2018 toolkit
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Everything you need to kick ass in 2018 (Self-Care Sunday #39)

Have you set resolutions or goals for the new year? Chances are most, if not all, of you have. But have you thought about what you need to help you achieve your goals? Whether you're looking to be more productive, work on your self-confidence, make a big career move or simply learn to take better… Continue reading Everything you need to kick ass in 2018 (Self-Care Sunday #39)

Jenson Christmas 2017
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Christmas 2017 in photos

And, just like that, Christmas is over for another year. Well, I'm still celebrating for another week and a half as I don't go back to work until the eighth but, as far as Jenson is concerned, Christmas is over as he's opened all of his presents! During the festive period we've decorated trees, met… Continue reading Christmas 2017 in photos

Good Enough t-shirt from The School of Life

Learning to feel good enough with The School of Life

I think it's safe to say most of us have lacked self-confidence at some point or felt not good enough. We might have suffered with mum guilt or Imposter Syndrome. Or maybe all of the above. And while I think it's great to take action, set goals and make moves towards self-improvement at any point… Continue reading Learning to feel good enough with The School of Life

We Should All Be Feminists
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Last-minute gift ideas for the bad-ass women in your life

A lot of blogger gift guides have been tarred with the same brush but I can personally vouch for every single item on this list. Whether you're shopping for a mini-feminist or an older woman looking to reclaim her bad-assery, there's something here for everyone. For the hard-core lady types I really can't praise Lumberjanes:… Continue reading Last-minute gift ideas for the bad-ass women in your life

Can't Sleep, Write Now journal review
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Trouble sleeping? Grab a pen.

Are you struggling to fall asleep at night? Do you lie awake with your brain twitching with ideas? That's not necessarily a bad thing. Whether your mind is worrying about bills, planning tomorrow's to-do list or plotting the next great novel, there's a simple tool to help you get back to the land of nod:… Continue reading Trouble sleeping? Grab a pen.

25% off at Busy B December 2017

25% off Busy B all through December

I never need an excuse to buy stationery. I've already got a lifetime supply of pens and notebooks but you can never have too many. I've even started building up a stash of irresistible sale items to store for gifts and swaps. No, you're a nerd! Stationery makes a fantastic gift, especially at this time… Continue reading 25% off Busy B all through December

the grown-ass women's club review
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An alternative 30 before 30 list

A few years ago I wrote a 30 before 30 list - a list of 30 things I wanted to achieve before I turned the big 3-0. And guess what? I'm a few weeks off that significant milestone and I haven't ticked most of them off. But it's ok because The Grown-Ass Women's Club* is… Continue reading An alternative 30 before 30 list