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Gifts for photographers

Previously, with my gifts posts, I’ve done a top ten that caters to every budget. With my series of Christmas posts, I’m going to keep to the something for every budget idea, but offer more than two ideas for each (plus the price groupings have altered slightly, as per my Geek Life column). There is so much awesome out there that it is so difficult to narrow things down. Plus you may well want to spoil the photographer in your life! Plus, since seeing Dave Gorman‘s Modern Life is Goodish, I’ve become more aware of the distinction between gifts and presents. Check it out on YouTube and you’ll soon see what I mean. So, without further ado, I give you the greatest gifts for photographers!

Under £10

gifts for photographers under £10

Secret Santa presents and stocking fillers are so often made up of cheap novelty items, but I’m here to tell you that you can actually get a decent present (as opposed to a gift) for under a tenner. Is your photographer a stationery addict? Check out this pen from the Tate. Are they constantly on Instagram? Why not order a set of their prints? Looking for inspiration? A Beautiful Mess is the perfect addition to their book shelf and a bargain at £7.61. And if they’re a bit self(ie)-obsessed, you could always get them one of these remotes and display them in these cute snapshot frames.

Under £25

gifts for photographers under £25

If your photographer fancies themselves as a bit of a photojournalist, or someone on a mission to make a difference, grab them a copy of Photos That Changed the World from Urban Outfitters. If you’re sticking to the stationery theme, there’s always a camera pencil sharpener. Are they a bit of a shopaholic? Why not get them a tote bag? If they’re looking to show off their work, Firebox have a great Instagram range, including coasters, posters and canvases. If it’s a handy novelty gift you’re after, you can’t go wrong with these lens shot glasses. Just don’t mix them up with the real thing!  For the budding artiste, this pop art camera is perfect. And lastly, if they’re a bit of a gadget geek, check out this smartphone time-lapse turntable for £19.99. Bargain!

Under £50

gifts for photographers under £50

Does your photographer rely on their smartphone rather then lugging a hefty camera out and about? Treat them to a fisheye lens for £32.99. Or, for those that prefer the traditional technology with a quirky edge, get them one of these build your own SLR kits!

Under £100

gifts for photographers over £100

Ditch the photo frames and canvas prints and invest in one of these wall mounted photo slide lights! You’ll need to fork out for a pack of slides too, but it’s well worth it.

Over £100

gifts for photographers over £100

If money is no object, up the techno factor with a scanner for iPad and instant lab. Create a print from virtually anything in seconds!

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Check back later in the run up to Christmas for gifts for foodies, gadget geeks and film buffs.

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