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Gifts for film buffs

Film buffs can be either incredibly easy or hugely difficult to buy for, depending on how wide they cast their film viewing net. A true film buff will admit to loving flicks from the Golden Age, 80s cheese, under-the-radar indies and Hollywood blockbusters. So prepare to cast your peepers over some pretty ask-kicking gifts for film buffs. Whatever your budget, you’ll find something here.

Under £10

gifts for film buffs under £10a

Know a budding filmmaker? They’ll love these zombie and monster moving making kits. And you’ll love them too at £5.95 a pop! If comedies are more their thing, Firebox has an Anchorman mug and IWOOT has a set of shot glasses. Of course, if they’re anything like me, they’ll be a sucker for steelbook DVD and you can pick up a copy of Trainspotting for a mere £7.75 these days. Know someone raised on Star Wars? Treat ’em to an iPhone cover. Know a young lady with a slightly unhealthy infatuation with Ryan Gosling (or just a fan of the Hey Girl series)? There’s a whole range of stocking fillers for her, including a book, notebook, colouring book and paper dolls. Here’s something for the film buff who has everything – Reservoir Dogs pencils! And if all else fails, you can’t go wrong with popcorn!

Under £25

gifts for film buffs under £25

Some people (usually grandparents) opt for the go-to ‘safe’ gift of slippers for Christmas. Everyone needs them, right? Well, if the ones your film geek got last year haven’t worn out yet, make sure you get them some that look much cooler – slippers from the shire! If film tees are more their thing, the uber film buff will definitely appreciate this one celebrating Warp Films’ tenth anniversary. Check out the print on this bad boy! And for the nostalgic fans, there’s always The Goonies. If you really want to treat your truffle shuffler, chuck in a few extra quid for this wash bag too. Film night sleepovers will have that extra hint of nerd-dom. If your film geek also has a penchant for stationery, they’ll love this video cassette notebook. I quite fancy one myself, actually. And if they’re constantly seeking more knowledge about their favourite flicks? You can’t go wrong with a book. This one about The Wizard of Oz has a rather fetching cover and you can never read too much about Hitchcock! And if you’ve got a mini geek on your hands, get them involved too with this book on animation. Poster are normally a safe bet too, especially James Bond. Have you ever met anyone who doesn’t like James Bond films?! And popcorn! Every marathon film viewer needs a decent stash of popcorn to keep them going. And lastly, one of the quirkiest pieces of film memorabilia ever made – Wilson!

Under £50

gifts for film buffs under £50

We’re starting to bump the prices up now and gifts are getting a little bit more epic. If you want to add the aforementioned popcorn hamper and create a home cinema snack station, your giftee will need a mini retro popcorn and slushie maker! And if they liked the Goonies tee and wash bag, they’ll love the overnight bag too. If they love indoe flicks, treat them to this book about why Wes Anderson‘s films matter. The truly hardcore film geeks, however, will need something a bit more impressive. Check out Warp Film’s tenth anniversary book and DVD set. It was love at first sight for me. And, lastly, top it off with a BFI membership. They won’t want for anything!

Under £100

gifts for film buffs under £100

When you reach the £100 budget barrier, you tend to be looking at some pretty specialist items. You’ll be hard pressed to find a woman of any age who hasn’t been in love with the film The Wizard of Oz at some point in her life. I am now more than ever. Treat her to her very own pair of ruby slippers! And who in their right mind isn’t a Hitchcock afficianado? The Birds is my fave Hitch thriller so this cushion is a must-have for a die-hard fan. And if they’re a sci-fi nerd? There’s always this pair of Blade Runner whiskey glasses.

Over £100

gifts for film buffs over £100

And le piece de le resistance? A life-size ET puppet! That’s right! It’ll set you back £239.99 but it’ll be worth every penny to see the look on their face when they unwrap it on Christmas morning.

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