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Jenson: Seven months old

Last Wednesday our ‘little’ bundle of love turned seven months old. It doesn’t sound like that significant an age but he can now move on to the next stage of Ella’s Kitchen food, which means meats, casseroles, spag bol and other yumminess. And I’m making more of an effort with baby-led weaning. I was really keen for him to be feeding himself and getting used to using his hands and exploring textures but whenever I’ve tried (peaches, toast), he just wants to shove the whole thing in his mouth. I’m really paranoid about him choking because he’s such a greedy bugger but the health visitors think it’s more about my confidence than something that’s likely to happen. I’ll have another chat with them about it next time I get him weighed (21 pounds 9 at the last weigh in!) as they said they can always send someone out to the house to do a session with me.

jensons weaning journey seven months

Starting today, we’re adding a third meal a day and I’m going to make sure we eat healthier so that he can eat more of what we eat – I don’t want to be doubling my workload or forking out for loads of pouches of food. They’re great for when we’re out and about or if I haven’t had the time to prepare anything but they’re not very economical. I’m planning on trying him on boiled carrot sticks and stems of broccoli initially, that way when bits break off in his mouth they should be soft enough for him to deal with and not choke. He’s also been trying some Organix snack foods to get used to using his hands but he just seems to play with them more than anything.

The biggest development in the last month is that we have two little toothy pegs! Whoever said it’s easier once the first one is through needs punching in the face because the poor little guy still screams in agony at times. Like most of Boxing Day, for example. All we could do was dose him up on granules, gel and paracetamol and give him lots of hugs. Poor lil chap… Speaking of screaming, he had his worst nightmare/night terror the other night, a couple of days before we were planning to put him in his own room. We’re thinking about making the move at the end of the week when Luke has a day off – ‘we’ve’ got a fair bit of furniture to move around… There’s nothing like your baby having a night terror to make you feel completely helpless and heartbroken. The poor guy was screaming in his sleep and we couldn’t wake him; he had tears streaming down his cheeks and took a while to settle. It really is awful and I must bring it up the next time I see a health visitor.

Jenson is now in 9-12 months clothes for the most part but I reckon it won’t be long until he needs to move into 12-18 months bodysuits and sleepsuits – he’s got his mummy’s bootay! In terms of other developments and milestones, he can stand and hold onto the sofa to support himself if someone helps him get there – his legs are super strong. He’s sitting up well too but not all the time – he’s not one of those babies that you can just plop down and he’ll sit and stay there. And last night, for the first time ever, he rolled over completely on his own! I missed it but Luke was pretty excited. Hopefully he’ll do it for me soon. And when we do tummy time he drags his play mat closer towards him but doesn’t actually shuffle anywhere yet. He’s such a little chatterbox though and as frustrating as it can be being woken up at 6am it’s super cute when he starts babbling to himself. My favourite thing is still seeing his little face smiling up to me first thing in the morning. The best bit is when Luke gets up with him in the morning and brings him in to me later; he lies him in the bed next to me and he rolls towards me with his arms out and grabs my face. Awww!

jenson sitting up seven months old

And, of course, we’ve just had Jenson’s first Christmas, which you can read more about here. As for the next month, it’ll be my last full month at home with Jenson before I go back to work, although I’ve got two training afternoons beforehand. The worst bit about it is that I’m going to spend more time travelling to and from the training than I will in the training itself, which just makes it feel like unnecessary time away from my lil baby. Boo for commuting. But on the plus side I’ll have some quiet time to myself to read. But what to read first? I reckon I’ll be cracking out the Ms Marvel and Runaways comic books I’ve not been able to read yet. Then I might finally get stuck into Game of Thrones when I return to work proper.

Before I head off, here’s a wee look at some of my favourite outfits from the last month. I’m actually not taking as many photos as I used to but now that we’ve moved up a size hopefully I’ll snap some more before he outgrows them.

jenson seven months outfits

Maybe I’ll be able to report a proper crawl next month along with consistently being able to sit unsupported for long periods of time. He may even have developed so much that he’ll be pulling himself up already. Who knows!

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