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My life in photos: April 2016

Well, that happened! April flew by in a blur of books, flowers, stationery and cute baby outfits! Here’s a look at my (and Jenson’s!) April in photos.

april 2016 in photos_me

1. I love it when a new issue of Blogosphere comes out and the latest issue certainly didn’t disappoint
2. I bought a new skirt! Well, actually, two, but I Instagrammed the pretty print on this one
3. I couldn’t resist this cute paperback of The Jungle Book in Sainsburys. I haven’t read it before so I’m looking forward to re-discovering it in my TBR pile in a few weeks/months!
4. My first daffodils of the season. Thanks, Mum!
5. We made Nutella swirls! Check out the recipe here
6. First Jelberts of the season. Fellow Cornish folk will know how big a deal this is
7. Gorgeous blossoms spotted on the way to Jenson’s swimming lesson
8. Busy tweeting throughout all of National Stationery Week! It was worth it. I’ll be revealing my winnings soon – and there’s still time to enter my giveaway
9. More pretty flowers from my Mum. She spoils me

april 2016 in photos_jenson

1. Teething like god knows what – he got five new teeth in the last month!
2. He loves his noisy toys and uses his fingers to push the buttons with intent now
3. Cheeky monkey pulling laundry off the radiator
4. First time in the back carrier!
5. First pair of shoes! Such a grown up
6. I love the way he really snuggles up with his comforters when he’s sleeping
7. Looking all cute and stuff at Dairyland for his friend’s birthday (not our buggy!)
8. He loves the swings. Swoon!
9. Shopping in Sainsburys and getting very excited over rice cakes and toothbrushes

Hope you all had a lovely April.

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