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Friday Favourites #4

Ah, Friday Fun Day! I’m really loving putting together these favourite posts. Even in a week when buses have been shit (two and a half hours to get home from work!) and Jenson has been screaming in pain as his first molar cuts through, I like taking the time to reflect on the brighter aspects of the last few days. Here goes…

1. Luke had Father’s Day off! He worked last year (on his first Father’s Day – boo!) so it was nice to be able to have a family day this year. Luke works every Sunday (except the four he gets as holiday) so we actually got to have Sunday lunch together! Not a roast though – we were all about the all you can eat Chinese buffet. Yum!

Luke and Jenson Fathers Day 2016

2. #BlogosphereChat. If Jenson lets me, I try and check into the #lbloggers, #BlogosphereChat and #pbloggers chats on a Sunday evening. Last week I only managed the #BlogosphereChat but it was totally worth it – it was about high quality blogging on a budget and was so interesting.


3. My mum. I know everyone thinks their mum is the best but mine really is. On her one day off a week she comes over to the house to take Jenson out for a walk so Luke can have a break while I’m at work. And even though she’s far from rolling in it she always buys him a new toy or item of clothing, helps stock his kitchen cupboard and even buys me flowers – oh, and the all important chocolate dessert for after Luke cooks us dinner. AND cleans up after so I can sit down for the night as soon as Jenson goes to bed! Told you she was the best!

jenson and nanny christmas 2015

4. Game of Thrones’ women kicking ass! I know I’m gonna want to talk about Game of Thrones next week after the season finale but oh my god, how awesome was the Battle of the Bastards?! And not just the titular battle but the friggin’ awesome women in the show! I didn’t particularly like Sansa for a long time but she’s fast-becoming one of my faves. And Dany and Yara? Phwoar! Those women are gonna conquer the world! And don’t be forgetting about Arya and Lyanna. Bloody brilliant!

game of thrones battle of the bastards
Image via

5. Exercising my right to vote. I didn’t blog about it beforehand but I totally don’t mind telling the world that I voted to remain in the EU. Without the EU funding a lot of businesses get in Cornwall, I would probably be unemployed. Or at least not in the awesome job I have at the moment. And I wouldn’t have been able to have gone on the two marketing courses I’m lucky to have completed for free in the last few years. Without EU funding, where is the opportunity for creativity? For this and many other reasons, we need to stay in the EU.*

eu referendum vote remain

Mini political rant over! What have been your highlights of the week?

*Yeah, so I wrote this last night and genuinely couldn’t believe it when I woke up to the news this morning.

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    1. Simples! Just search for the hashtag on Twitter at the right time, click on all tweets (rather than top tweets), answer the questions that pop up and get involved in the discussion :)

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