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Friday Favourites #6

I think putting together my Friday Favourites has become one of my highlights of the week – a favourite in itself! But I still have five other favourites to share with you…

1. Mum’s night out! In last week’s Friday Favourites I warned you that there’d be cocktails – I had a cheeky four! It was probably the best night out I’ve had for a good couple of years – yummy bar food, irresistible cocktails and fabulous company. I might dedicate a whole future post to the awesome venue, The Vault, too.

mums night out

2. Cooking with Luke. Luke is forever concocting in the kitchen and it’s always really good. The other day he made ham and cheese wraps and fried them to seal them and they were sooo good. Then he had the bright idea of filling wraps with pizza toppings instead – see below. I’ve got the pictures and notes for a recipe post which I’ll put together and share with you soon – as well as a sweet version with Nutella and mini marshmallows. So naughty but so good!

cooking_pizza wraps

3. Always flowers in the house. I picked up some peonies last week (I know!) and my mum bought me some sweet peas. They’re one of my faves – so colourful and with a lovely smell that hits you as soon as you walk in the room.


4. Jenson’s family photos. Today was an epic post day – three packages! And no bills!!! One was my usual DC comic subscription, one was Jenson’s photo book and the other was a competition prize (more on that in a mo). I’m addicted to the Free Prints app, which I reviewed a while back (you can check it out here) and order a whole bunch every month. Then I saw that the company have a new app where you can get a whole photo book for free – you just pay for the postage! I’ve been meaning to make a book for Jenson with his family and friends and cute little captions for a while and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. I was really pleased with the final product and will post a review soon (so many blog post ideas, so little time!).

jensons family photos

5. Winning. Helen ran a competition a couple of weeks back and we were one of three lucky winners to receive an Organix weaning bundle! Jenson is already a fan of Organix finger food and it was great to receive a massive box packed full of goodies – including some products he hasn’t tried before. He already wants to get stuck right in!

organix food package

What have you been loving this week?

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