my life in photos: july 2016
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My life in photos: July 2016

Looking back through my July photos reminded me what a sociable little bugger I was for a few weeks! Whodda thunk it? I managed to squeeze in a mums' night out, date night and family day out, as well as the usual coffee drinking, flower smelling and Netflix binges. Here's a look at my July… Continue reading My life in photos: July 2016

mums night out
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Friday Favourites #6

I think putting together my Friday Favourites has become one of my highlights of the week - a favourite in itself! But I still have five other favourites to share with you... 1. Mum's night out! In last week's Friday Favourites I warned you that there'd be cocktails - I had a cheeky four! It… Continue reading Friday Favourites #6

a day in the life of jenson - playing on the sofa
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A day in the life of Jenson (and Mummy!)

As I approach the end of my maternity leave, I thought I'd share a day in the life/photo an hour type post, so there's no Silent Sunday this week. Here's what we got up to yesterday... Jenson woke up at the rather unsociable time of 5.50am. Not too bad considering he didn't want a bottle… Continue reading A day in the life of Jenson (and Mummy!)

jenson's weaning journey
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Our weaning journey so far

Weaning. Now there's a scary word if ever a new parent heard it! It can be pretty daunting thinking about when and how to start the process, especially when there's so much conflicting advice out there. I think everyone I've spoken to about it has started a different way but we had a very clear… Continue reading Our weaning journey so far

follow friday
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Follow Friday #30

Eek! It's time for a Follow Friday again already! It'll be Christmas before we know it. Speaking of which... Christmas You may have noticed that I've been blogging everyday this week in an effort to fit in all of my Christmas posts before Christmas! I have a habit of bookmarking loads of cool shit for… Continue reading Follow Friday #30