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Jenson: 14 months old

It’s the start of a new month which means it’s time for another baby update! Jenson is now 14 months old and the last month has been spent dealing with four three ts: teething, talking, (almost) toddling and tantrums! It certainly ain’t all rosy in our household!

Teething: Jenson now has at least 12 teeth. I don’t try and count too often as I’m usually left with dents in my fingers! But over the last couple of days he’s had some more fussy moments with another tooth coming through. At least at this stage it’s easier to recognise what’s bugging him.

Tantrums: Now this is the biggest rough one. He’s normally a really chilled out little dude and only cries when he’s tired or teething but he’s started having the most ridiculous tantrums in the last couple of weeks – and always when we’re eating. Because of work schedules and sensible bed times, it’s impossible for us to eat together as a family. As such, Jenson tends to have just finished his dinner when we’re settling down to have ours, or is about to have his bedtime bottle, so we don’t want to give him any more food to appease him. When he sees us eating and we don’t give him anything he screams like we’re physically hurting him, with tears streaming down his cheeks. We need to find a way to stop it but don’t know what’s best. My mum suggested giving him a small snack (like a little Ella’s Kitchen biscuit – a dessert he can feed himself) but if we do that consistently he’s going to end up over-eating. It seems to be a tea-time thing as he’s usually pretty happy playing and watching cartoons while I eat breakfast and I have an early lunch while he naps but tea time – woah! Has anyone else had this problem and what has worked for you?

jenson tantrums

Toddling: Jenson is pulling himself up on everything, shuffling around while holding on and sometimes standing for quite a while unsupported – but no unsupported steps yet. He can also climb all the way up the stairs by himself (we can’t put up a stair gate because the walls are so shit that it would go right through!) and has taken a few tumbles when he’s pulled himself up on something that isn’t stationery. You have to watch him all the time – fun!

jenson 14 months tv

Talking: This is my favourite! His vocabulary now includes dada, mumum, nanan (Nanny), ticky-ticky (tickle), ducka-ducka (duck), dogga-dogga (dog), yeah and nom nom. It’s super-cute! When he’s enjoying his food (or as soon as he spots pizza!), he says nom nom and is pretty consistent at saying ducka-ducka when he’s playing with his ducks in the bath. And he recognises dogs now which is adorable. When we went out yesterday he started saying dogga-dogga whenever he saw a dog.

It’s not just the words – I feel like everything he does is adorable. He gives kisses now – both on demand and just because. I love it when I ask for kisses and he pulls his dummy out to give me a kiss. Sometimes he’s just not interested but will push his cheek into my face so I can kiss him. And he’s high fiving which is pretty awesome – he doesn’t leave me hanging anymore! Now we just need to work on fist bumps. And he dances all the time. His favourite is the new Cillit Bang ad but he’s also quite partial to the Alvin and the Chipmunks theme tune. He loves TV themes in general actually and has started laughing when Postman Pat laughs in the opening theme. And he waves at kids who are on TV and claps when anyone on TV does. Man, that kid is the best!

jenson and luke on the beach

Predictions for the next month? Maybe some unsupported steps. I’m hoping to get out and about more and get him swimming while lessons have stopped for the summer break – would be nice to have a family swimming sesh. And maybe some more words. The other day he was copying what Luke was saying but hasn’t repeated those words since. He likes ‘b’ sounds so we’re working on ball. He said it in the bath last night but not since. We’ll see.

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