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Friday Favourites #16

Last week was such a mad rush that I didn’t get a chance to publish my favourite post of the week! It’s this one, just FYI. So this week’s Friday Favourites is a bumper special, featuring highlights from the last two weeks.

jensons new shoes_doodles clarks

1. Jenson’s new shoes. We bought Jenson’s first pair of shoes from Clarks a few months ago and now he’s a whole size bigger! He’s a 4.5 G cos he still has baby podge on his ickle feet, bless. We really wanted to get him some cute high tops for the winter but they didn’t have them in his size. We didn’t want to keep squeezing his poor feet into shoes that were too small so we got some in-between Doodles shoes while we waited for the other ones to come in. I’ve got to say, the staff in the store are wonderful and so patient. They were great with Jenson, measuring his feet, waiting for him to toddle around the store in his own time to make sure the fit was ok. He loved going up to the display and looking at all the sparkly girls shoes! That boy is like a magpie.

my new new look dress

2. My new dress. It’s my boss’ wedding reception tomorrow evening and I needed a new frock. All of my nice ones are pre-baby and don’t fit the way I like them too anymore. I fell in love with this dress from Oasis a while back but just couldn’t afford it. I hoped Very stocked it so I could pay over three months but no joy. Then I randomly spotted this one in New Look the other day and snapped it up straight away – it was only £19.99! Bonus: it’s a size 14 and fits! Not that size matters, of course…

blogosphere issue 10

3. Blogosphere magazine. Another cracking issue! I’ve got all ten and I wouldn’t part with a single one. In issue ten I especially loved the interview with a dad blogger and the feature on making your own media kit, which I really need to get round to doing.

absolutely fashion

4. BBC Vogue doc. Luke is the kind of person who will flick through the ‘on demand’ section to see if there’s anything we might have missed and downloads things for me – what a gem! Last week it was the BBC Vogue doc Absolutely Fashion. I’m a total magazine geek and loved having a look at a year in Vogue behind the scenes. Highly recommended.


5. Cornwall Design Fair. I’ve already mentioned it a few times but I really loved being able to go along to the preview of the Cornwall Design Fair. I’ve just got myself an invite to the opening night of the Etsy Makers Cornwall Christmas Fair too!

6. Re-kindling my passion for my job. Last weekend I held some workshops with students on marketing and it definitely re-ignited by passion for my job. I love my job most days but the recent media law training and now being able to spend more of my time student-facing is a great new challenge. Bring it on!

my bullet journal Twitter chats

7. Inspired by Twitter chats. Twitter chats are hard for me because they usually fall around dinner time or Jenson’s bedtime. It’s hard to constantly tweet when you’ve got a toddler trying to grab your phone to look at himself in selfie mode! But the times I’ve been able to check in have provided a lot of inspo and food for thought. I keep liking tweets as a bookmarking tool to remind me to check out the different blogs and I really need to catch up on this extensive list. I’ll share some of my recent discoveries in the not-too-distant future.

my new dorothy perkins top

8. Mum being aces (again). My mum is genuinely the most selfless I’ve ever met. On Monday not only did she treat me to a new top which she saw on my blog the day before but she shouted us a Chinese takeaway too <3

9. Nursery. Jenson had his first nursery session yesterday! It was only 45 minutes while we stayed and played as a family but it went really well. One of the nursery workers even said how confident he was! He was definitely the most vocal one there and loved toddling about exploring. I love how much the other children seem to love the staff and crawl into their laps with toys and books – a great sign! We’re going back for another visit on Tuesday afternoon and this time we’ll leave the room and see what happens. I reckon he’ll be fine :)

10. Jenson having an awesome day. Yesterday was the best day Jenson has had for a long time, especially while we’ve both been off. After being plagued with teething and a cold it was nice to see him smiling and laughing all day and giving kisses. He slept in til nearly 8am, didn’t fuss at all while getting ready for his swimming lesson (he has a tendency to hate getting changed), napped at a decent hour, loved nursery, was great while we shopped in town for over an hour and went to bed a reasonable hour. I know everyone thinks their kid is the cutest and smartest but we really do have the best kid.

This time next week we’ll be in our new house – and without internet! It won’t be set up until at least 6 October and I’m not sure how that’s going to affect the blog yet. I’ll probably take a week or two off, see if I can schedule a few posts beforehand and just keep social media ticking over. I’ll keep you posted.

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