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Jenson’s Christmas wish list 2016

As much as I love writing my birthday/Christmas wish list, I think I like writing Jenson’s more! We’ve already got him sorted for Christmas (plus a couple of family members – I’m so organised!) but there are a few things we’ve come across that he’d love if the opportunity arose.

jensons christmas wish list 2016

Paw Patrol blocks, Tesco, £21.91
Twirlywoos triple DVD set, Amazon, £7.99
Sarah & Duck DVD and talking toys, Amazon, £21.99
Paw Patrol Playmat with Vehicle, Argos, £14.99
Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers, Amazon, £5.49
Talking Minion Bob, Argos, £14.99
Postman Pat DVD, Amazon, £2.48
Postman Pat Drive and Steer Pats Van, Amazon, £24.99
Minions DVD collection, Amazon, £14.99
Personalised Tale Of Peter Rabbit Gift Boxed Book, Not on the High Street, £29.95

When we moved we decided to cancel our Sky package and go with BT. We’ve gone the best part of a month without internet now and not being able to series link programmes/catch up online means that we’ve been without most of Jenson’s favourite shows. For the most part, he only seems to enjoy theme tunes but he’s always transfixed by Twirlywoos and also loves Sarah & Duck. Hell, he loves ducks in general (duck was one of his first words). We def need to stock up on these DVDs for emergencies and I love that the Sarah & Duck DVD comes with talking toys. Every little boy also needs a car play mat and this Paw Patrol one with vehicle looks awesome. And there’s the Minions DVD collection because those films are fun for all the family! I don’t know who this list is for more TBH!

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