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Jenson: 18 months old

I feel like over the last month Jenson has really developed and learned so much. His vocabulary is growing all the time and he’s constantly wanting to run around and be doing something. He can repeat a lot of words of sounds and use them in context. We made a conscious effort to teach him to say ‘thank you’ instead of ‘ta’ and it’s the cutest thing. I was concerned that he was only saying it when we gave him food (greedy guts!) but he also says it when I pass him building blocks or help him out when he gets stuck. His animal sounds are adorable too and he can do cat, dog, duck, dinosaur (grr!) and horse.

jenson building blocks

I know I’m biased but he really is the cutest kid. You should see all the old dears who swoon when they spot him in his elf hat; it’s adorable. He’s really affectionate and will come up to me and hug my legs when I get home from work and when his Uncle John came to visit today he kept raising his arms asking him to pick him up. I love seeing his relationships grow with my closest friends who don’t have children of their own. He’s lucky that John and Toni have been a constant presence and they love him to bits. It’s different with friends who do have children because he associates seeing them with playing with other children – which is also super-cute when we get ready before swimming lessons. They’ve been friends pretty much since birth and it’s so strange but heart-warming to see them playing together.

jenson and john

Speaking of swimming, he loves being in the water. His favourite thing is to jump into the pool or dive under the water – he always goes under laughing! His swimming instructor suggested asking Father Christmas for some goggles for Christmas, so we’re looking into something suitable which will fit his big noggin. If you’ve got any advice, do leave me a comment.

I had a couple of weeks where I went for a coffee with one of my friends after we took the babes swimming and it was a bit difficult with Jenson. As soon as he’s out of his buggy, he just wants to be running around exploring. He’s not the kind of child who will sit still, which I guess is to be expected. I tried taking him to a couple of groups recently; one where snow fairies were telling stories to children, but he isn’t old enough to sit and listen for half an hour, and a similar session called Bounce & Rhyme, where children sit and sing songs. I’ve accepted that Jenson is a very active child with a short attention span and isn’t the kind of child to take part in those kinds of groups.

I want to try again with nursery around Easter but want him to attend regular groups in the meantime to socialise a bit more – in a stay and play situation. I’m hoping the group near my mum’s house will start again after Christmas so that he can play with other children but with the freedom to run around and explore.

jenson park

Since we moved house two months ago, we’re also co-sleeping for the first time. Pre-move, if Jenson would wake in the night, he’d quickly settle or we’d sit in his room holding him and try and put him down again. Sometimes this would take an hour or we’d just get up and go downstairs with him. There’s no room for a chair in his new room, as a lot of his toys are in his room now, so when he was unsettled in a strange place, we’d bring him in with us. We have a kingsize bed and now that he’s bigger, I’m less concerned about rolling onto him in the night. Some nights he’ll go through until 7.30am in his own room but most nights he’ll end up in with us. Sometimes around 2am, other times nearer 6am. Although he starfishes and kicks and punches are thrown in his sleep, we do get more of a lie-in and often manage 8-9am. I can’t remember the last time he was up before 7.30am, which is great. He’s napping at random times though and can sometimes fall asleep around 4pm, which means a later night. Most nights he goes down around 9pm – sometimes he can stretch it out until 11pm. This can get incredibly exhausting because I stay up with him (he doesn’t go down in a cot on his own) and then tidy up and my evening begins. Of course, by that point I rarely have the energy to blog or read and go straight to bed myself, especially when I have to get up early for my two-hour commute to work. And on my non-working days, if I’m not home when he naps, it’s hard to get anything done. With an open-plan living room/kitchen, it’s hard to do laundry or dishes when he’s so interested in everything. The life of a working parent!

jenson 18 months old

We’ve got some fun activities planned in the run-up to Christmas, with Christmas parties, decoration making, real reindeer and lights, so I’m hoping Jenson will have a great Christmas even though he doesn’t understand it yet. I still haven’t figured out where the tree and all the presents are going to go. Wish me luck!

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