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Jenson: 22 months old

In less than two months I’m going to have a two year old on my hands! Although I doubt anything will be much different than it is now – we’ve already got the tantrums. It’s normally just when I want to change him or if we’re out for a walk and he wants to go a different way, so we’re lucky that it isn’t pure defiance or violent outbursts.

jenson in the park

So many people have told me that their children have developed an attitude when they’ve started nursery and I really hope that won’t be the case with Jenson. He’s genuinely a lovely kid – he’s affectionate, polite, sensitive… You can take him out for lunch and he’ll last a good half hour before he starts getting fidgety. Even my dad pointed out last week how good he is when he’s out. We were going to try nursery again later this month but have decided to hold off until September, making more of an effort to put him in social situations with children his own age in the meantime.

jenson eating lunch

I started taking him to a baby gymnastics club – to tire him out more than anything, as he rarely naps these days – and I can already see that he’s become more confident after just three sessions. He’s quite happy exploring the area on his own and playing independently or grabbing my hand to play with him but in the last session he actually played with children he’d never met before. It was so cute seeing a slightly older girl stroke him gently on his head and invite him to play.

jenson at gym

Now that the weather is nicer there’s a lot more we can do – there’s only so much soft play and Disney movies a girl can handle! Last week I excelled myself, taking Jenson to The Craft Box on Thursday after swimming for a storytime and painting session (post next week), we went to Paradise Park on Friday and had oodles of fun in the park on Saturday, exploring new areas and splashing in puddles. Jenson’s just discovered that he can splash with both feet and make a huge mess – he loves it!

jenson splashing in puddles

With his birthday fast-approaching we’ve been thinking about what we want to do. There’s nothing he needs at the moment (we’re going to wait until Christmas or his next birthday for a balance bike) so we’re going to get a couple of little things and take him to the aquarium – he loves Dory. He’s also really into Moana at the moment. Frozen is the film to fix everything when he’s not feeling well or is in a bit of a grump but Moana is the one that gets him up and dancing. He copies so much (holding his hand up to navigate the stars) and smiles as soon as it comes on. I’m thinking about a Moana-themed party for him and his friends the day before his birthday. Time to start exploring Pinterest!

What did you do for your child’s second birthday?

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