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Book review: New releases from Nosy Crow

Jenson and I were sent the cutest book as an early Mother’s Day present a couple of weeks ago.  I tell him I love him countless times a day and I’m looking forward to the day he says it back. How adorable is this cover? I love that it’s about a mummy, daddy and baby boy fox.

i love you book

nosy crow book review

The illustrations are gorgeous. How could we not accept the invitation to work with Nosy Crow*? A few days later we were sent these four books: Look, there’s a Rocket!, Look, there’s a Submarine!, Where’s Mrs Ladybird? and Where’s Mr Lion?.

nosy crow book review

The rocket and submarine books feature holes throughout to help you follow the story. There’s also different things to look out for – great to help Jenson with new words. He loves making the different sounds.

nosy crow book review

nosy crow book review

nosy crow book review

nosy crow book review

The animal books are so bright and colourful and the felt makes a nice change from the usual lift the flap books. One of Jenson’s favourite books is a Peter Rabbit book with a mirror at the end so the mirrors at the back of these books are a great addition. How cute are the different shapes? Much more interactive and engaging.

nosy crow book review

nosy crow book review

I’m so impressed with the range of toddler board books we’ve been treated to recently. It melts my heart every time Jenson grabs one off his shelves and brings it over to the sofa to read with me. And it’s super-cute when he gets all proud of himself for recognising an animal – there were lots of buzzes and smiles when he found the bee!

Thanks, Nosy Crow!

*We were sent these books for review purposes but all thoughts are our own.

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