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Jenson: Two years old

Jenson turned two yesterday. Two! And he was an absolute angel. I don’t know if I’m over-romanticizing it because I know that so many little kid things he does could be the last but I’m savouring the small things even more these days, like his bedtime bottles (yes, even though he’s two!) and wanting to fall asleep next to me (and sometimes alongside a rather large red tractor!).

jenson's second birthday

We’ve had a pretty busy few days as it was our oldest nephew’s birthday two days before Jenson’s. We’ve had a family tea party, dinner with my dad, a birthday party with Jenson’s friends and fab mummys and we had a family day yesterday. The kid is pretty zonked – me too!

jenson's second birthday

jenson's second birthday

jenson's second birthday

jenson's second birthday

Jenson is a lucky to kid to have so many awesome people in his life. He had so many lovely presents and we’re still opening them, as he wants to play with everything that he opens rather than moving straight on, which is actually really nice. He’s got pretty much every version of Dory, plus a load of cars and dinosaurs. The kid is in his element.

jenson's second birthday

jenson's second birthday

We’ve got his two-year review with the health visitor in a couple of weeks – who we’ve not seen in nearly a year. Since I went back to work we’ve pretty much been plodding along at our own rate. Because Jenson has been happy and healthy we’ve not booked any additional appointments but I have just requested a hearing check and they’ve put a referral through for us. When I completed their questionnaire with Luke we got to thinking about ‘concerns’ and the only thing we could think of was his speech.

We try really hard not to compare the children but some of his friends are super-developed and can speak in sentences, whereas Jenson will sometimes string two or three words together and still babbles a lot. He’s also not able to copy sounds properly (e.g. tractor is ah-gah). We thought we’d mention it as a concern and the HV said not to worry, it could be a frequency thing, and she’s happy to refer him just to get it checked out. Myself and my brother both had hearing problems as children, which we both seem to have grown out of (he had grommeets and a hearing aid and I had two sets of grommets – which I’ve just Googled and they seem to be a treatment for Glue Ear) so I’m interested to see if there’s a hearing problem which could be delaying his speech. Although since I’ve had the referral processed he seems to be coming out with more and more – mainly copying things on Peppa Pig!

jenson's second birthday

He understands a lot more than he says (which I guess rules out a hearing problem?) and can communicate in other ways. He’s become really technology-oriented lately, wanting to watch Peppa Pig on our phones and play with apps. He can build trains, play pairs (both on apps – although he builds toy trains a lot too) and he’s picked up new words. I know some parents are funny about screen time but he’s really learned a lot.

He’s also learning new things in his swimming lessons. He’s now grabbing diving sticks under water, standing up in my hands and, of course, continuing to jump into the water at every opportunity. He hates going on his back but he’s doing a better job at being on my back and I can even have a crack at swimming under water with him on me. I’m not great under water myself but we have a go.

I can honestly say that I’d rather spend time with Jenson than do anything else. He’d the best kid (affectionate, funny, thoughtful, intelligent) and it’s great seeing him learn new things and figure things out for himself. Right now he’s really into his train sets and he gets so proud of himself when he doesn’t need to ask for help.

Seriously though, where have the last two years gone?!

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