My life in photos: May 2017

Holy crap, how is it already June? I can practically smell the summer! I’m midway through my week of annual leave, I have another in a fortnight plus another week or two to take by the end of August. Winner! Here’s a peek at what I’ve been up to this month.

may 2017 photos

1. Gotta have the obligatory Papergang calendar shot, ammiright?
2. There’s a lot of wisteria about and I had no idea it smelt so good. Sometimes you’ve really just gotta stop and smell the roses/wisteria.
3. I wrote a little something for Mental Health Awareness Week and have a collaboration coming up that I can’t wait to share with you.
4. I started keeping a gratitude journal and it really does help me to see the positives at the end of a crappy day.
5. I won a personalised planner as part of National Stationery Week and got to customize it exactly how I want it. It doesn’t start until August but I’ve posted a little review here – it’s already my most viewed blog post to date!
6. The Sun is Also a Star is quite possibly my favourite read of the month. This little beaut really crept up on me and I highly recommend it.
7. I took part in a stationery swap (more on that next week). Here are some of the cuties I picked up in Sainsburys.
8. Me and Luke had our first date night in six months! Check out my review of Rock Pool Cafe’s tapas night here and pop back soon for a giveaway!
9. My baby turned two!

I hope May treated you well and you’ve got plenty to look forward to in June. I’ve started drafting my summer bucket list. Any tips?

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A Cornish Mum

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