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Memories from Jenson’s second year

When I was pregnant I bought a ‘one line a day’ journal to record Jenson’s first five years and I’m sharing some highlights on/near each birthday. You can catch up on his first year here. Below are some faves from his second year.

30 May 2016: Your first birthday was the perfect day – gorgeous sunshine for a party in the park and all of your favourite people were there :)

jensons first birthday party

31 May 2016: You pulled yourself up for the first time right after I left for work! Next stop, walking!

18 June 2016: You’re getting really good at brushing your own teeth – you shake your head rather than move your hand – so cute!

26 June 2016: You love putting your dummy in my mouth. I think because you love it you think it’s a nice gesture and you always smile :)

8 July 2016: You’re coming up with new sounds all the time now. Today it’s something that sounds very much like tickle!

10 July 2016: You say “nom nom” when you’re eating now and can actually high five! :)

11 July 2016: Another new word – duck! You said it in the bath when playing with your rubber ducks – cute! :)

13 July 2016: When I got home from work I sat on the floor to play with you and you crawled straight into my lap :)

16 July 2016: You pointed at Daddy’s dinner, then your mouth and said “nom nom” – Daddy thought you were so clever he let you have some!

22 July 2016: You stood completely unsupported for the first time and didn’t even realise what you were doing! :)

21 August 2016: You spent a long time sat in your ball pit under the dining table just chatting to yourself – cute!

jenson ball pit one year

27 August 2016: I didn’t hear a single noise from you all last night and you slept from 8pm-8am! Incredible!

29 August 2016: We went to the beach with Nanny today and Daddy dug you a mini pool to play in :)

jenson at the beach

30 August 2016: You went to Nanny’s while we went to the cinema and you looked so happy when we met you in town – you held on for ages! <3 :)

31 August 2016: You love reaching out for a finger boop – you walked from the TV to the sofa for one – lots of steps! :)

6 September 2016: I love it when you bring me books to read together – your new fave is That’s Not My Panda :)

20 September 2016: Daddy made a fort for you out of our moving boxes and you loved it :)

jenson den building

24 September 2016: You properly danced for the first time – not just head bopping but proper grooving <3

8 October 2016: We went to the Trevaskis Farm pumpkin patch with Nanny! It was the best day – you loved all the animals :)

trevaskis farm pumpkin patch

19 October 2016: You started copying Daddy making animal noises – now you can roar! :)

29 October 2016: We went to your first Halloween party – Nanny teared up because you made such a cute pumpkin! And you won best fancy dress :)

jenson pumpkin

7 November 2016: You have a habit of only giving people a kiss when you know they’re leaving – and immediately wave and shut the door behind them!

11 November 2016: So impressed and proud that you learned to say “thank you” before “no”. That’s what “da doo” means :)

19 November 2016: I love hearing you say thank you when I help you with something. You flirted with yourself in the mirror – with hugs and kisses!

4 December 2016: We went to the park and you loved the freedom of running around and hiding behind trees. You said “wee” on the swing!

jenson park

7 December 2016: Came home from work to find you and Daddy watching Frozen – you love it when Olaf finally shows up

10 December 2016: I always love seeing you fall asleep holding on to Spot the Dog <3

11 December 2016: Your new favourite thing is to hide things up my top and say “gone”!

25 December 2016: MERRY XMAS! You were so lucky and got lots of lovely presents. Your faves seem to be the Twirlywoos boat and kitchen.

Jenson Christmas 2016

27 December 2016: We took you to the park to break in your new wellies. It was like learning to walk again for a while!

5 January 2017: You’ve started holding my phone up to your ear saying “yeah yeah yeah”. Wonder who you’re copying…

12 January 2017: You were so cute watching Puffin Rock – you tried to dig on the carpet with your ‘beak’ like Una did! <3

16 January 2017: If we ask you where your belly is you lift up your top and smile until we tickle you <3

4 February 2017: You’ve started grabbing my hand and dragging me around the living room to play. I love it! We built a tower bigger than you!

19 February 2017: I took you to soft play and you took one of the prayer cushions off the bench and lay down with it on the floor and fake snored!

1 March 2017: You love being baby spoon and always pull my arm tight around you – even if it doesn’t bend that way!

3 March 2017: We walked to the park and back. You loved collecting leaves and splashing in puddles on the way back <3

Jenson 23 months old

9 March 2017: Another great swimming session – you held onto the float and did laps of the pool saying “whee”.

14 March 2017: My heart melts a little bit every time you learn a new word – right now you’re all about your toes! <3

15 March 2017: I’m crap at drawing but you always recognise the naff cars I draw – you point and say ‘car’ and ‘brum’! Thanks!

16 March 2017: Amazing swimming lesson! You’re so good at kicking and held on to the side by yourself for the first time and kicked off the wall :)

18 March 2017: You can put Netflix on my phone and start watching your favourite shows all by yourself! So clever!

19 March 2017: You sat on my lap to watch Moana, turned to kiss me and pulled my arms tight around you for a big hug <3

13 April 2017: I said we need to get a wriggle on and you started wiggling! Cute! <3

27 April 27: You spotted Grandad in the park and went running straight up to him for a hug – cute! <3

30 April 2017: You get so sad when Finding Dory finishes and ask for it again – we saw it four times again today.

10 May 2017: You like to line your toy food up in the window in case the cat stops by <3

21 May 2017: You held your hand out for me to hold walking through the gardens and wanted to put veggies on a fork to eat at lunchtime.

26 May 2017: You insist on taking your big tractor everywhere – out in the buggy and in the highchair, where you stuff it with food!

Here’s to the next year!

2 thoughts on “Memories from Jenson’s second year”

  1. I have one of these books- they’re fabulous for a memory a day aren’t they? What a great idea for a post too and so nice to share some of your favourite memories. I laughed so hard at talking on the phone going yeah yeah yeah and thinking of him loving being baby spoon made me well up – so cute!!

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