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Jenson: 26 months old

When people ask me how old Jenson is now I keep saying that he’s just turned two, when in fact that was two months ago. Seriously, where is the time going?!

jenson 26 months old

Following last month’s update we’ve been for his hearing test and had the follow-up with the Health Visitor. He slept all the way through the hearing test which was actually helpful as it allowed them to get a more accurate reading. His ears are completely clear and there are no blockages, so there’s no hearing-related reason why his speech isn’t advanced as his peers. But it’s not something any of the medical professionals are worried about. They recorded his speech as average at his two-year-review as he has quite a lot of words but isn’t quite stringing them together yet. We’ll pop back for another catch up in three months, by which point he should be settled in to nursery.

That’s right, nursery! We’ve signed and returned the forms for Jenson to do two mornings a week from September. Luke will do drop-offs and I will do pick-ups on one of the days, as he’ll be going one morning while I’m at work and the other day will be my lie-in day. It also means I’ll avoid the tears, which I actually feel a bit guilty about. We’ll see how the first couple of settling in sessions go and if it’s worth me trying but I think having both of us there will just make it harder.

Part of the nursery paperwork included filling out a little ‘about me’ booklet, so they can get to know him a bit better. One of the questions was about fears and anxieties and the only thing we could note was being left alone and strangers – not very helpful when you’re trying to settle in to nursery! But the staff seem really lovely and he loved playing there at the tour so hopefully it won’t take too long for him to feel comfortable there and recognise that it’s not forever and we will pick him up.

jenson 26 months old

He’s definitely seeming a lot more grown up now. We’re still co-sleeping for the most part but I think it won’t be long until he feels happy staying in his own room. On the nights when he doesn’t fall asleep straight after his bottle we go upstairs and lie down on our bed together. Lately he’s taken to pulling the duvet up over himself (he usually hates being covered) and snuggling down with me and a book. When my nephew gets a bed upgrade we’ll be having his old car bed for Jenson and I think a combination of that and taking some time to really sort out his bedroom and make it his own space will make Jenson feel a lot more comfortable.

Have I mentioned how freaking affectionate this kid is lately? He’s such a cuddle bum and has taken to carting his massive Chase (Paw Patrol) toy and teddy bears around with him. He’s also been super-cuddly with us and generous with his kisses. He even hugs the Spot the Dog illustrations in his books.

jenson 26 months old

This time next month we’ll be preparing to settle in to nursery and hopefully I’ll feel ready for it. I’ve loved being able to spend this extra time with him and I know it’s only two mornings a week but it’s starting to feel like the baby days are over!

Sidebar: I feel awful that I don’t have any decent new photos from the last month, so here are some slightly older ones.

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