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Friday Favourites #40

I have a lot of mum guilt and often worry that I’m not doing enough fun stuff with Jenson. The kid is easy to please and loves an hour at the park but sometimes I wish we had a car or more money for bigger adventures. Fortunately we had a couple of awesome days last weekend – and right on our doorstep!

On Friday we went to Paradise Park with Luke’s dad and did our best to wear Jenson out. Because he drove we didn’t take the pushchair, so Jenson stormed around, going from place to place while Luke and his dad held back a bit to take some photos. His favourite spots were the farm and jungle barn. He didn’t even want to look at the pigs and goats – just play on the tractor and slides. The great thing about Paradise Park is that you can get a return ticket for just £3.99 and keep paying for reduced return tickets until the end of the season (end of March 2018). Bargain! It’s such a fun day.

jenson at paradise park

jenson at paradise park

On Saturday we did so much and Jenson had so much fun that he was asleep just after 1pm! He hasn’t napped that early in months! There was a community open day at the local fire station so I went up with my mum, her bestie, my nephew and aunt and it was awesome. As soon as we got there Jenson ran straight up to a fire engine shouting “nee naw”. The kids were able to try on outfits, sit in police cars and fire engines, say hi to rescue dogs, watch demonstrations, play on a bouncy castle – and it was all free! Jenson’s favourite was the man dressed up as a fire bear/dog thing and sitting in the police car. Seriously, he had a paddy when I told him he couldn’t sit in it all day.

jenson at the fire station

jenson in the back of a police car

Then we headed off to a fun day on an estate over the road – also free! And there were pony rides! Although Jenson has seen horses and donkeys at various farms it was his first time on a pony – and he loved it. I’ll definitely be looking for something similar to do with him again.

jenson's first pony ride

Yes, I have a life outside of being a parent! And it’s not all about Game of Thrones (although holy shit, I don’t think I’ll be able to handle the season finale!). I was very excited to find a goats cheese pizza in Asda the other day! They’re so hard to come by outside of restaurants these days and I had to have it. Highlight of the week right there!

goats cheese pizza

I’m now on annual leave until a week Monday and I’m super-excited to try and tick some more to dos off my summer bucket list. I’ve got my fingers crossed for a car boot, picnic in the park, playing on the beach and fruit picking at Trevaskis Farm. I just hope the weather holds out.

I’ve also got a fun, nerdy blog day planned for next week as it’s World Letter Writing Day on Friday 1 September (how is it September next week?!). Stay tuned for reviews and a giveaway with the ever-fabulous Abrams + Chronicle. As it falls on a Friday, there won’t be a Friday Favourites/Little Loves, so there will be a bumper post the following week.

Have a lovely weekend!

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